Monday, September 24, 2007

Ugly Dolls (re)dux, or shopping to save the world

So, I really think the whole "ugly doll" phenomenon is silly. I really do. I mean, at first, it was really . . . different. But then, when everyone else started doing it, well, then it stopped being different . . . So this morning, as I was procrastinating working on some obviously very important things by googling random green life related keywords (what, you don't google stuff for fun??), I came across this really cute Etsy shop that recycles fabric to make dolls with hand-painted faces. I loved the face on this blue doll. It is so peaceful, so calm (um, or is it stoned??) Plus, instead of being made in CHINA like the actual Ugly Dolls, I have a hunch that they are made in someone's kitchen in California. Plus, they come from the creative brain of Chad Frick, a San Francisco cartoon-artist. Of course I bought it. I figure, hell, I am supporting someone's art, supporting my shopping habit and supporting the re-purposing of used fabric. I felt good. I felt peaceful.


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