Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Big Dorks Love Gnomes

I love quirky, handmade items. I also love gnomes. So I can't help but be totally excited about these little "weefolk" doors being sold on Etsy. How cute are these little doors? So, um, yes, they are totally unnecessary. I see this point. But, you must remember, I do have a bit of a shopping habit. Therefore, I would rather indulge my little compulsion by buying a handmade item, than something plastic made in China that is sold at Target. Plus, c'mon, these are so damn cute. Just admit it.

Check out more versions at Wee Folk Outfitters and give your gnomes a home!


Lynn said...

Do you know where Wee Folks Outfitters went? He's not on Etsy anymore -- since about two days ago. I JUST found him! I want to buy from him!

: (


Anonymous said...

he swindled a bunch of people out of money & disappeared off etsy. apparently he was taking money but not filling any orders

Anonymous said...

A fuller story: he got seriously delayed by a double bout of pneumonia, so etsy kicked him off. He still filled (or may still be working to fill) those orders, though. Now he's selling on dawanda and big cartel.

WeeFolkOutfitters said...

bia got it right...

I got whacked with some serious pneumonia over the holidays, which set me back almost a month of production, but all Etsy orders have been filled. There are a few people I'm still trying to get refunds to, but otherwise everyone has been taken care of.

I don't blame people for being ticked off, but the majority of my customers were understanding and were kind enough to wait for my health to improve to get their orders.

In any case, I'm still in business, though not on Etsy. You can find links to my stores at

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