Friday, October 26, 2007

Green Style in Adams Morgan!

(MORE Pictures to come.)

Last Friday, I attended the Hoopla grand opening celebration. Hoopla is a little boutique in DC’s Adams Morgan neighborhood that sells environmentally-friendly, locally-designed and fair trade clothing, art and decorative items.

Hoopla used to be located at Barracks Row, but has recently made a new home on 18th street in Adams Morgan. Hoopla is a wonderful gift boutique. It has a variety of quirky, unique and beautiful items meant to soothe your spirit, while assuaging your conscience. It also has a good selection of clothing made from eco-fabrics or in non-sweat shop conditions (many of the clothes that are sold in the US are made in sweatshops with atrocious conditions - read more here).

Only a few years ago, environmentally friendly clothing mostly consisted of either scratchy hemp dresses that your “artistic” Aunt Gladys wore on special occasions, piled high with turquoise necklaces, or outfits that only your cousin Jed (who followed Phish for about two months too long) would appreciate. However, over just the last two years, many young designers have entered the market, seeking to design clothes with a lighter environmental footprint. Lucky for us eco-fashionistas. Many of the styles at Hoopla would look totally at home in the latest issue of Elle. One line that was particularly engaging was Grace and Cello. The dresses, tops and pants were made from sumptuous fabrics (organic cotton, bamboo), cut in modern, current silhouettes. Another line – with an enjoyably unusual name, Sworn Virgins, had a lovely trapeze shift dress that had the weight and feel of a top-line vintage piece (another words, like they don’t make them anymore). Your author wanted to try them all on – if it wasn’t for the unseasonable humidity. (But not to worry, Aunt Gladys, Hoopla has some lovely outfits for you, too!)

Cosmos and mojitos made with organic cocktail mixers were being served in the back room where a local artist was showing her series of Goddess-inspired paintings, while an Appalachian lap dulcimer entertained the guests with its distinctive sound. The pouring rain gave us a good excuse to postpone our departure and we continued to mingle with the like-minded Washingtonians late into the evening.


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