Sunday, October 21, 2007

Reduce Waste, Protect Bloggers - Use Sippy Cups!

There are weeks where I have to valiantly try to not turn my blog into the “whyIhatedc” blog – but its hard. Most Washingtonians’ general disregard for the waste that they create makes me want to vomit (often), frankly. For instance, take this family that is currently sitting next to me at the Big Bear Cafe (my only salvation from writer's block) with their two year old child. The child, like the rest of the family, is holding a disposable cup, which is filled with water. As most of us know, there is a 99.9999% chance that this child will, at some point in his café patronizing experience, launch this cup of water at some unsuspecting person trying to spend a Sunday morning writing intelligently wry prose for her blog. Why would these people not bring a sippy cup? They all have them – most likely 3-4 sippy cups displaying all kinds of colorful shapes or characters – at home. The design is key: the lid stays on, protecting unsuspecting female writers from water attack. But no. The cup is launched. The water soaks the floor, missing my computer by millimeters. The cup is thrown away and a new disposable cup is procured for the precious small human being with which to practice his pitch at the next innocent patron. Save trees, reduce landfill waste, protect bloggers . . . use sippy cups, people!!!


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