Monday, October 8, 2007

Secondhand Choice, First-Class Style

Living in a high-income metropolitan area really has its benefits . . . especially when it comes to buying secondhand. There are many that expound on the style virtues of buying vintage – for home and closet. But most of them miss the environmental value of buying secondhand. Buying used does not only provide you with unique style points, it also:

Saves natural resources**: Buying used reduces the use of virgin materials like the wood in your sofa, the cotton of the upholstery, the wool of your sweater, etc.
Keeps stuff out of landfills: Landfills are a poor use of land and a potential source of groundwater contamination. They also releases of methane and other gases. Often, landfills are located in under-served, minority communities promoting issues of eco-racism.
Saves energy: Enormous amounts of energy are required to make products and to process materials for products. The less new products you buy, the less energy is needed.
Prevents pollution: All manufacturing processes use water and release wastewater and air emissions into the environment.
Saves money: Used products are often less expensive than new ones, leaving more mula on the table for healthy organic produce, trips to the beach or another pair of vintage boots from Ebay (hee hee).

** Info from:

Great stuff on DC Craigslist RIGHT NOW (Pics are links)!

Solid Cedar Shelf Unit ($50) - beats Ikea veneer any day
A handcrafted bench for the hallway ($200 - half off retail)
Nice lines for a small table and how can you beat 5 bucks!!
And if you really do have an Ikea fetish ($80 - half off store price)


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