Friday, December 14, 2007

Green Gift Guide- DC - For Him

For Him

I find most men exceedingly difficult to shop for. Give a girl a cashmere sweater - any cashmere sweater - and she's blissful (okay, okay, maybe only if the girl is me and maybe only if the sweater is by Stewart + Brown). Guys, on the other hand, aren't so easily appeased. They want gifts that appeal to their interests, to their hobbies . . . So, here are some interest-specific gifts for your favorite guy.

For the wine connoisseur: Get these retro-fab vintage Pyrex carafes/wine decanters ($28 and $30) at Millennium, located at 1528 U Street, NW. [Note: Millennium carries one of a kind, vintage products, so these exact carafes may not be available by the time you make it to the store. So hurry! Or, pick another fabulous gift from their great collection.] And remember, vintage is the greenest green of all.

For the bike buff:
If your man loves the sound of the wind rushing past his ears as he swerves in front of startled tourist drivers on DC roads, he will definitely appreciate this recycled bike chain beer opener ($12). Find it at Hoopla DC at 2314 18th Street, NW (in Adams Morgan).

For the Music Lover: Help your music lover show his admiration for his favorite band by framing a favorite album cover. Som Records (1843 14th Street, NW) - a teeny space in a basement a few doors down from Saint Ex on 14th Street - has a huge selection of used record albums just looking for their forever homes (many cool ones in the $1 bin!). From the strange to the obscure to the albums that made our senior prom after-parties special, Som has it all. Album covers make quirky decorative wall art, as well. Prices run $1-$100. [Look here for framing ideas.]

the well-groomed man: I love what this is called: "The Man Can" , by the Plum Island Soap Co., has a bunch of natural products to keep your man groomed and smelling fine. The can comes with 1 Bar Manly Soap, 1 Very Masculine Bay Rum Oil, 1 Extremely Spicy Shave Gel, 1 Really Scratchy Bath Mitt, 1 Jar Fisherman's Hand Butter ("There's nothing tougher than a fisherman"). Find it for only $55 at Hoopla DC at 2314 18th Street, NW (in Adams Morgan).

For the decorator: As I mentioned before, Millennium (1528 U Street, NW) has an amazing selection of vintage decorative items and furniture. This wrought iron candelabra ($78) caught my eye last time I was there. If you are not sure what to get, the very helpful staff can help you pick something out.


William Brent said...

recycled bike chain beer opener... nice!

like your blog... i'm originally from DC and work in the cleantech space out of seattle.

happy holidays

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