Thursday, December 13, 2007

Green Gift Guide - DC - For Kids

For Kids

With all the recent toy recalls, organic and natural toys are definitely an attractive option this year. Here are some ideas from locally-owned businesses that are better for you, your kid, and the planet.

Kennan Knitter Critters are made from handspun wool (from village-raised sheep), knitted by rural women in Kenya. The Critters provide an important source of income for the women. The wool is dyed using only natural native plants. Greater Goods at 1626 U Street NW has a great selection of critters ($16-28) for everyone!

"I am the Lorax! I speak for the trees!" The best environmentally-conscious book for kids evah!! It is never too early to start teaching your small humans about the environment. The Lorax by Dr. Seuss. Find it for $14.95 at Greater Goods at 1626 U Street NW.

(Or, even better, buy it used on So, yes, there will be some carbon miles related to getting it here, but the energy and trees(!!) that you will save from buying a used book should surely ease your conscience.)

Plum Island Soap "100% Natural Baby" kit ($45.50) is everything your youngun' needs to be naturally soft and smelling that baby way. The line is scented with pure lavender oil, gentle and soothing for baby's sensitive skin. The kit contains: Baby Soap, Baby Oil, Baby Balm & a Rubber Bath Pal. Find it at Hoopla DC at 2314 18th Street, NW.

"Bottle your style!!" Disgusted by the bottled water craze, but still a bit wary of the DC tap water? Send your kid to school with these snazzy Swiss-made reusable bottles. SIGG bottles ($16-17) are made from aluminum and have a no-leaching inner lining, plus they come in bright kid-friendly (and teenage-friendly) designs. They have become a celebrity favorite! Find them at Greater Goods at 1626 U Street, NW.

Other Ideas

Best Organic & Natural Clothing in DC: Yiro at 3236 P Street, NW. No dull colors here! Although everything at Yiro is made from organic and natural materials, it is incredibly cheerful and bright - stripes galore! This is quality stuff, people. They also provide a variety of services for parents and parents-to-be including preparation and delivery of organic food, researching preschools and connecting you with the perfect mural artist for your small bundle of joy's room. They have a nice selection of toys, clothing, furniture and mother-to-be products in a wide range of prices. (Although this store is not easily metro accessible, you can reach it by taking the G2 bus from Dupont Circle Metro; or, by jumping on the little blue bus from Rosslyn Metro, which will take you across the bridge into Georgetown - you will need to walk a few blocks.)

Natural Toys Galore: Just up the street at 1419 B Wisconsin Ave. is Tugooh Toys (202.333.0032). Check it out for a really nice, large selection of toys made the old-fashioned way and designed to make your child even smarter than he already is.


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