Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ebay Randomness

So, I have been on a bit of a buying spree recently - just looking for pieces to update my wardrobe. Being in business school for the last 3 years has had a very negative effect on my wardrobe - always studying does not present many avenues for trying out new outfits and not having any money (due to paying for school myself and such) hasn't let me get inspired by bringing in a new piece (or new to me - go vintage!) into the mix. So, over the last few weeks, I have bought a few pieces on Ebay - a great place to get secondhand and vintage pieces that won't break the bank.

Here are a few of my additions:

A vintage orange, wool pencil skirt - higher waist ($28.10 total). There was LOTS of orange on the runways for Fall/Winter and since there is at least another month of cold weather left, a bright orange wool skirt will remind me that Spring is just around the bend, but will keep me warm as well. PS - it looks much better on me than on the Ebay model (she must be, like, 5 feet tall.)

Vintage suede beige cowboy boots ($18.94 total) - So, I am no Sienna Miller, but I love her boho-ish, randomly thrown together, yet-perfect, look. Plus, for years I have regretted getting rid of my own cowboy boots, which saw me through many a party and concert in college. So here they are. Yippee kayeay. BTW, I do not approve of wearing cowboy boots and skirts - this is not Little House on the Prairie. No matter what Sienna says.

Lastly, I am not at all surprised that the runways showed so many bohemian, hippie-ish looks for Spring. Don't they always? Spring just brings out that freedom in people, the desire to have a little more fun with their look, add some daring details. So I bought this great black tunic embroidered with gold ($20.49 total). I think that it will look great with bare black sandals and a little skirt in the summer. Until then, I will wear it with skinny jeans and my tall vintage boots.


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