Monday, January 14, 2008

Eco-Friendly Swag: Critics' Choice Awards

California is by far one of the most eco-friendly states in the nation and with its equal-to-a-small-country GDP, will continue to be the harbinger of all things green. Even when it comes to celebrity swag at awards shows. The recent Critics' Choice Awards (to digress for a moment, I just want to bring attention to Katie Holmes in that Lanvin dress. Personally, I think it looked like a metallic sack - albeit a fashionable metallic sack, but, still a sack. But, other than that, she look hott! She better be paying her stylist mucho bucks) boasted gift bags worth over $8000, with many of the products touting an "eco-friendly" label.

Curious what was in them? Wondering how you can get your grubby little hands on similar items? Look no further! (We may live in uptight Washington, DC, but the power of the internet - and a non-maxed out credit card - can let you live a little like the stars, too.)

Del Forte Denim: Get the incredibly flattering Dahlia cut (other cuts available as well), which is made from 99% organic cotton and 1% spandex for $192 at Shop Envi.

Alternative Apparel T-Shirts: A percentage of all sales of Alternative Earth products are donated to environmental organizations across the world. In addition, the company just started a line of organic cotton and recycled polyester t-shirts ($28-$45). I really love their styles - check out the Joplin Tie Neck Top and the Gauze Moroccan Top - zzzexy!

Dirt Candles: Dirt Candles ($24) are made with GMO-free, USA grown soybeans, essential oils, natural isolates, floral absolutes, natural exudates, organic cotton wicks and recycled packaging.

English Retreads Messenger Bag ($149-$169): English Retreads puts a new twist on the messenger bag as it's made from 100% recycled rubber.

Kangol Headwear - With every collection, Kangol introduces more styles that are eco-friendly. Recently, they have started using bamboo and organic cotton. Find the Organic Bedford Mau Cap shown on the left for $34 here at the Kangol Store.

VeeV - This is the world's first açaí spirit and the first certified carbon-neutral spirits company and also the first to donate $1 per bottle sold back to Rainforest Preservation through Sambazon's Sustainable Açaí Project. Açaí is the Brazilian superfruit loaded with antioxidants (57% more than pomegranate and 30 times the amount in a glass of red wine) that Oprah recently hailed as her #1 superfood calling it the most nutritious fruit on the planet. Veev is a 60-proof white spirit that also contains other antioxidant-containing fruits such as acerola cherry and prickly pear. Swag recipients got FOUR bottles each, but you can try it here for $68. Plus, here is a link to some recipes.

mineral fusion - Each product in the mineral fusion cosmetics line is paraben-free, talc-free and has no perfumes or artificial colorants while providing the benefits of UV and antioxidant protection. Guests got Gloss on the Go Kits; Stunning Eye Shadow Trio; Sparkle Bronzer; Hydration Mist; Blender Brush and Eye Definer Brush.

Viridis Luxe Bamboo Dress - Viridis is a high end line using hemp and bamboo fibers. Find it NOW at Nordstrom's ON SALE for $99.

Simple Brand ecoSNEAKS ($70 for women) - Simple Brand has developed a line of sustainable sneakers called ecoSNEAKS. ecoSNEAKS use recycled car tires, organic cotton, and PET (which is made from recycled plastic bottles).

There were some additional items offered, but after some research, I have decided that they were just a bit too much about green-washing and not enough about substance.


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