Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Good Job, Bethesda!

Looks like even small cities are waking up to the idea that going green may equal getting some green (you know, that other green stuff, with pictures of dead presidents on it). Although there isn't much detail on what exactly Bethesda means with all this "green zone" stuff . . . you know, its the thought that counts (I guess).

From Washington Business Journal:

Bethesda is going green, but the move will require fistfuls of green from the business community to succeed.

Montgomery County leaders have awarded contracts to two nonprofits to reorganize the bustling city into the region's only "green zone," an example of 24/7 eco-friendly living and working. The nonprofits, along with a newly formed steering committee of businesses, legislators and environmentalists, are kicking off the Bethesda Green campaign at a public meeting Jan. 23.

Their first pitch will be to perhaps their most important audience: the business community, which will largely determine by its participation and checkbooks the success of the public-private effort.

"We're going to see a few businesses step up to the plate early," said Dave Feldman, president of the Livability Project, which is working with the Sustainable Business Network of Washington to manage the Bethesda Green project. "Like any startup business, it's dependent on the success of your product."


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