Saturday, January 5, 2008

A Happy New Green Year to You, Too!!

The holidays are finally over and I am back from my travels and ready to take on 2008!! Of course, there are millions of posts that I wanted to do before the holidays hit us, but with the green gifting guide, my finals and all the travel planning, there was not a sane, reflective moment to be had.

Let's see . . .

I wanted to write about unplugging your electrical devices if you were going out of town since many devices still suck up energy even if they are not in use. Of course, it would be a pain in the butt to plug and unplug your microwave every time you used it, but if you were going to be gone a few days, like over the holidays . . . something to keep in mind for your next weekend getaway.

I wanted to write about the fact that I bought absolutely no new holiday decorations this year and was able to use a bunch of greenery I found on the street to holiday-ize my home this year. Although I felt the pull of Target's holiday decor aisle, I was able to resist! Yeay!! A gold spray-painted leaf-less branch served as a foundation for a lovely holiday ornament mobile that hung over the food table at our holiday party. Some clippings from an evergreen shrub from a neighbor's house were used to create a lovely staircase garland. A large holly branch torn off by some gusty winds was set in a vase and decorated with some complementary ornaments and served as an alternative to a Christmas tree. With some other touches, like a fancy runner and little lights, our home was ready for the season. (I will post some pix tomorrow - right before I take it all down.)

I wanted to write about my own personal gift wish list. Number one being a veggie grease-powered Mercedes in Red (like this coupe). Oh!!! how I want a big, beautiful clunker that runs on the local barbeque joint’s excess grease ! (BTW, did you know that Montgomery County- probably the most progressive county in terms of the environment within driving distance - actually runs a veggie oil exchange program? It hooks up little restaurants – that would usually pay for disposal of the stuff – with car owners. How rad is that?) Also, here is a link on the process of converting a car to run on veggie oil. It's actually not that complicated if you understand a thing or two about how things work. Plus, those older cars are less complex. If you have a veggie oil car, let me know at - I want to hear how its going.

The other thing I have been trolling Ebay for – for, like, months – is the perfect pair of over-the-knee vintage black, flat-heeled boots. God, you would think that there would be thousands of unwanted pairs lying around from the 80s, but no. Since Hollywood starlets have been wearing them, there is just no chance of getting a good-looking pair on Ebay for under $150. This pair is great, but not in my size, unfortunately. In my fashion fantasy, I am wearing them with skinny black jeans, my favorite rock tshirt over a thermal tee and a long, granddad cardigan sweater. Can't you just feel the cool?

Another thing that I thought about this holiday season is that it is so great - and yet so weird - to see the mainstream (and mainstream fashion and media) getting more and more interested in environmental issues. I saw a "Green Gift Guide" everywhere! Yahoo, MSN, the airline mag, etc. It is quite amazing that this is finally happening. I was just doing my annual purge of things to repurpose or donate or (gasp!) throw away (there is still a mad pile of stuff in the middle of my room), and came across this bag from a solar energy conference and was amazed to see the date: 1993!! I have been a big, huge eco-nerd for more than 15 years (and that's quite a long time considering I am not that old). Back in 1994 I was working for the Solar Energy Industries Association and I remember finding that bag in their storeroom. The Clinton years were not awful for the renewable energy industry, but there never seemed to be any public recognition of the importance of alternative energy. It's strange, but for the first time ever (I think) my parents and long-time friends actually understand what the heck I have been talking about for the last 15+ years of my life. Better late than never! LOL!

Well, enough for now! Welcome back to reality and the daily grind.


Marissa said...

Holy mother of God. Those boots are beautiful.

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