Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hey You!! What are Your Green Resolutions for the New Year?

Here are some of mine:

- Take shorter showers (better for the skin, anyway)
- Shop more regularly at the Farmer's market
- Always remember to take shopping bags with me to the store
- Remember to turn off lights when leaving the room
- Continue fighting Target habit
- Create new outfits from already-owned clothes (be creative!! don't follow the pack!! stop buying things you already have!)
- Buy more vintage and secondhand (if I HAVE to buy anything at all).
- Talk to my neighbors about recycling and other environmental issues
- Write a blog post every day on interesting eco-friendly topics
- Cancel a few of my magazine subscriptions - find more online sources for the same stuff
- Join Sierra Club


Marissa said...

I also resolved for the New Year to start re-designing some of my own clothes to make them new and interesting (and learn the secrets of using my sewing machine). I'd like to say I'm doing it for the environment, but it's more for my own creativity... But you definitely reminded me to find a reusable grocery bag. I've been meaning to do that for about six months now...I seriously need to be less lazy.

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