Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Favorites: Tarte Cheekstain Goes Natural!! Yeay!

For a few years now (ever since I overcame my fear of the boundless excitement that is Sephora), I have been using Tarte cheekstain. As I started tanning less (hey, all you twentysomethings - trust me, you want to tan less NOW, not wait until it starts showing on your skin!!), and relying on make-up more for that healthy glow, Tarte's "Sunkissed" became an integral part of my "looking good" repertoire. As my experience with make-up grew, instead of dry blush in the winter time, I started using other Tarte colors. I generally find that dry blush looks weird over well-moisturized - or "dewy"- skin.

The only downside is that a lot of Tarte products contain parabens. What are parabens? Well, they are chemicals (also called methylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, and benzylparaben) that are used as a preservative in cosmetic products. A study published in 2004 (Darbre, in the Journal of Applied Toxicology) detected parabens in breast tumors (um, ewwwww). However, the FDA says they are safe for use in personal products - esp. in the very small quantities found in cosmetics. However, I get back to my whole thing about the fact that if you use a product that contains chemicals, then you are allowing those chemicals to enter the environment, our water sources, etc. So, if 100,000 women rinse off their Tarte cheekstain every night . . . well, that's a much higher concentration of the chemical that you may be exposed to in the environment than just what you have on your rosy cheeks. The Breast Cancer Fund, which focuses on identifying and eliminating the environmental causes of breast cancer, has an informative page on the issue that says "While research continues, however, the accumulated evidence makes a compelling case for taking a precautionary approach, individually and collectively, to the manufacture and use of parabens." So, I am totally not an expert, but I say, why risk it when there seem to be more alternatives every day that are just as good as your favorite stand-by?

So, back to Tarte. Tarte just introduced a line of "natural" cheekstains - no parabens (I love them even more now!)! I was only able to find two shades on "Full Blossom" and "Natural Beauty" (ingredients for "Natural Beauty weren't listed, however). Hopefully, Tarte will transition their other products to paraben-free versions soon.

Happy Blushing!


Marissa said...

Have you tried any mineral makeup brands? I'm a fan of Everyday Minerals (which you can get only online, I believe). Anyway, they're 100 percent natural and paraben-free. And they have tons of blush options. And, (crap, I'm starting to sound like a spokesperson now) they're dirt cheap.

Anonymous said...

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