Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Rent Some Wheels; Breathe a Little Easier

Hello there! I have been gone a long time, I know. Looking for a job has taken over my life - I am finally emerging after weeks of tweaking cover letters ("should I say 'managed' or 'provided leadership for'?") and resume editing ("if I can just find a way to shorten this bullet, I can fit it all on one page!") (phew.)

Anyway, moving on to the topic at hand: renting a car. I have always been a fan of Enterprise Rent-a-Car - not only do they come and pick you up at your house so that you can rent from them, their employees are the best I have ever come across renting a car (and I have a lot of experience renting cars since I have not owned a car in 17!!! years).

I swear, every time I rent from one of the other agencies, I encounter employees who not only could give half a crap about me as the customer, but are also poorly trained and dumb. Just stupid. And rude. Somehow, there is always SOME problem with my rental and no one can figure out where the car keys are . . . what happened to the contract . . . why all the available cars are on empty . . . whether this car is REALLY available for rent. UGH. It makes me bonkers. I want to yell really loudly, "For God's sake, people, can't you just TRY!!??! For, like, a second?"

But, Enterprise has always impressed me. I often end up chatting with the employees about interesting things and my rental always goes smoothly. So I was excited to learn about their Carbon Offset program for customers. They have a neat little video that explains how the program works and it is really affordable. For $1.25, I recently offset my one-day rental (to take my dog to his vet in Bowie, MD.) They also have the most fuel-efficient fleet of all the rental car agencies (this includes their other brands, National and Alamo) and the Taylor family, which owns the company, just invested $25M to research how to create fuels from renewable and plant sources.

So, if you need to rent a car, check out Enterprise - not only to avoid dumbass employees, but to feel better about your environmental impact.


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