Sunday, February 10, 2008

Vintage/Consignment Haven: Eastern Market

Not all of us have the bucks to invest in the newest eco-fabric concoctions, which are thankfully becoming more available every day. Sometimes, we just want a nice piece to add to our fashion repertoire, without taking a second mortgage out on the condo, right? And even if we do have the funds to create a better world - one green couture item at a time - eco-fashion is still SO HARD to find. The designers put out small collections, which hit (very few) stores late in the season. And not all of us can live off of the widely available organic cotton t-shirts and bamboo wraps (as lovely as they may be!)

What is an aspiring green fashionista to do? Go vintage!! Even Angelina Jolie (pictured), rocking a $26 vintage velvet dress to the premiere of "A Mighty Heart", would agree.

Luckily, there are many places in DC to buy vintage and secondhand fashions. My latest trip was to Eastern Market. Unfortunately, because of all the Wizard of Oz-worthy wind today, many vendors did not show up. But there were still plenty of options available. Plus, Clothes Encounters is always open - and a nice respite from the wind, rain, cold, heat on a trip to the Market. Check out the slide show below to see some of the items I spied at the Market today.

Some thoughts:

If you wear a 6.5 or 7 size shoe, RUN, do not walk, to Clothes Encounters and buy the brown boots I have pictured. They are the most wanted style this season (over the knee) and will surely be hot next winter, as well. They were absolutely perfect - to the point that I tried to squeeze my size 9 foot into them, thinking "but maybe . . ."

Clothes Encounters also has a great selection of other gently used shoes with names like Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, Charles Jourdan, Burbery, Ferragamo - recognize any of those?

All the coats pictured were $30-$60. Amazing deal.

The Burberry suit was a soft, thick wool and a bargain at $250. Also from Clothes Encounters.

Easily fulfill your Spring season bohemian floral fantasies with the Moschino dress (sorry for the dark pic) - for the price of a cheap pair of shoes at Target ($45). (Clothes Encounters) As Miranda Priestly would say, "Florals? For spring? Ground breaking."

The Prada shoes are from a boutique that just opened on Georgia Ave. called Hibiscus. It carries new and consignment items with popular names and a very urban style preference. I plan on checking the store out this week and will post some pix. But, dude, the Prada satin heels were $95! and didn't look worn at all. They were my size, alas. But, I just don't have many an occasion to wear 4 inch heels. (Sniff.)


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