Friday, March 7, 2008

I Want to Be a Caped Crusader!

Quirkier than your average activist.
More interesting than an environmental textbook.
Able to use the words "fashion", "recycle", "Prada" and "Ebay" in a single paragraph.

Look! Up in the blogosphere!
Is it a vintage coat? No! Is it a hemp/silk blend evening gown? No!
It's Righteous (re)Style!

Um. Anyway . . .

Ever since I saw Posh spice a few months ago sporting a cape, I was hooked.
Although this was a trend that was highlighted in many "Fall Fashion" lists, I guess I missed that part of early winter weather when the cape made any sort of sense (i.e., I can't stand drafts).

But now is the perfect time for a cape! Not too cold, not too warm.

I was further inspired by Ms. Spinach's totally cute black and white version (vintage!!) that she just highlighted on her blog:

So, if you are in the market for a cape to ward off the early Spring chill (and you should be!), check out the capes I rounded up below from Ebay. (Click on the pic for buying information and more pictures).
Happy Shopping, my little super-heroes!

Awesome Lion Head Clasp

Orange! Hot hot hot color for the Spring!

Plaid is always in!

Love the gold buttons!

This is just such a great color!

A little Sherlock Holmes with your high fashion?


Ms. Spinach said...

of course i had to come over and see what you'd found. gorgeous! i love the orange one.

my current obsession is this blanc de chine pleated capelet with a high neck. i can only hope to discover it on someone's f/w sale rack...

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