Monday, March 10, 2008

Leanimal: Gathers and Pleats and Folds! Oh my!

Thanks to Coquette for highlighting this new eco-friendly designer: Leanimal.

The first thing I thought when I looked through Leanimal's current and past collections was: "Gathers and pleats and folds! Oh my!". And then I thought, "Wow. That's some mad skills pulling a design like that together." And then I thought, "What kind of fashion designer lives in Portland?" Ah, reading further it became clear - a fashion designer that "strives to use hemp, bamboo, organic cottons, and other eco-friendly materials as much as possible in her work". The designer is Leanne Marshall and you Etsy-lovers out there may know her from her Etsy shop where she has already sold hundreds of her designs. (Her Etsy shop doesn't have anything new for sale at this point - seems like she is overwhelmed with boutique orders. Good for her.).

Her theme for the Spring collection is "Haphazard Origami". Here are two designs that I LOVE! The lighter dress is from her Spring 2008 collection; not sure about the navy one.


geri hirsch said...

that bottom dress is absolutely adorable!!

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