Saturday, March 8, 2008 Adds "Eco-friendly" Category!

It is very exciting to see important, mainstream fashionista outposts taking note of the "eco-friendly" trend in fashion. It is also exciting because I assume that they would not have added these designers if there was no demand for it. [Yeay for demand and supply!] And the last exciting part is that designers are choosing to make hip, trendy fashions with more environmentally friendly materials and processes. [I am very excited!]

Who has ShopBop added to their roster?
Beau Soleil
C&C California
Foley + Corinna Handbags
ZOOEY and Love & Eight

Hmmmm . . . after looking over the options, I say . . . there sure are a lot of t-shirts (sigh). But, they are cute. Made from organic cotton and bamboo. They also have some pieces from Beau Soleil, a new label (two seasons and counting) by Anne Salvatore Epstein, whose background includes stints at Marc Jacobs (love him) and IISLI. Her Spring line is . . . um, interesting. But, I much prefer her pieces from Fall 2007 (many of which are on sale on her website and at Shopbop (like the dress pictured, which is made from 100% organic cotton and is now $88).

So, in summary, go ShopBop. The progress, the progress . . .


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