Thursday, March 27, 2008

Why It Pays to be an Eco-Packrat

Being "green" often means keeping things around even though you may not need them NOW - just in case you need them LATER. It saves natural resources, saves money, too, and keeps things out of the landfills. Plus, with a little effort, your old things can be turned into awesome new things. (Just make sure you have the organizational thing down pat - or your closets will make you a bit insane.)

Case in point: I am by no means a slave to trends - especially since you will find me on most days wearing biking leggings and sneakers as I rocket around DC on my bike. (Or, you know, sweats, since I work from home). But, I do love a reason to go out and dress up.

Last night, Mark and I were heading to a benefit at Palace of Wonders, a cooky little place on the "new H Street". It was a night of belly dance and fire play. All great fun. (If you have not been to the Palace of Wonders, definitely check them out soon!)

Anyway, since my recent outings have been limited (busy busy busy), I was excited for a reason to dress up. At about 5PM, I was flipping through an US magazine - which I had taken from my gym and saw some pix of the whole skinny leather pants thing. And I thought, wow, that looks great. It reminds me of Grease (one of my favorite movies evah! "Oh Sandy!"):

Plus, the designers really showed some great looks for Fall (thanks to Style Bytes for pulling these together last month. Check out her blog - she has really great style and the cutest pet pig!).

So, after browsing through US, I remembered that I have been packratting a pair of boot-leg faux leather pants for like, 15 years - just knowing, that someday they would 1) be back in style, and 2) would fit me again. Well, ladies and gentleman, that day was yesterday. Whipping out my 100-year-old Singer sewing machine (that I "borrowed" from the President of a company that I used to work for - and never gave back because he managed our poor little solar start-up into the ground . . . bastard), I looked up this great tutorial on how to turn boot-leg pants into skinny leg pants and, one hour and a few sewing machine jams later, voilĂ !! My very own leather skinny jeans. This is what I wore last night:

(Yes, that is Yoda peeking out from my shirt - any reason to give a shout out to Star Wars!
And, yes, that is a log in my sitting room.)

PS - Do not, under any circumstances, Google "leather pants" without your ick filter on . . . eeewwww.


Marissa said...

Lovely! I've been toying with the idea of shiny pants. Not sure if leather or faux leather was the route to go, but you may have just convinced me!

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