Thursday, April 10, 2008

Do You Really Care What I am Wearing Today?

I read a bunch of blogs where the authors post pictures of what they are wearing every once in a while. Granted, I think most of those people have much better taste then me - and probably more time to build their flawless wardrobes and figure out what to wear on a daily basis. But they all have a unique sense of style - and many of them are happy to thrift, vintage and DIY their way to looking fabulous. Here are some that I like:

style bytes
wardrobe remix
the vintage society

But, even though many of these very stylish ladies wear secondhand proudly, they are not often espousing on the fact that their style preferences are helping the world. However, there was a woman in New York City (of course), who wrote a blog, fiftyRX3, for about a year, specifically about fashion and sustainability. Here is what she says about the project:

"fiftyRX3 was a project in style and sustainability. It consisted of a photo documentary of what I wore everyday for a year with a goal of averaging fifty percent sustainability based on the environmental mantra 'reuse, reduce, recycle'. There was also exploration into the relationship we have with our clothing and how others perceive who we are through what we wear. Additionally, to visually comment on ideas about consumerism, waste and life cycles in design, I included my own experiments with recycled design. The first was a dress made out of umbrellas that were collected from the streets of NYC. The dress inspired a competition to design a better umbrella and was featured in I.D. magazine."

She is no longer doing the project, but you can still view her archives. You should check it out - it is really inspiring.

In any case, I have been inspired to share my wardrobe choices - not necessarily because I am the hippest gal out there, but because I wear my vintage, secondhand and DIY proudly. So, without further ado, here is what I wore on two recent days.

Velvet Tunic/Dress - Vintage; bought in Seattle for $20; You can't see them, but the buttons have little rhinestones that are flawless!
Jeans - Lucky Jeans; bought secondhand for $5 at a Goodwill in PA
White Shirt - H&M (bought new)
Shoes - Dansko Clogs (bought new)

Jacket - Target (bought new) - damn habit
Sweater - Banana Republic; bought at Goodwill for about $6
T-shirt - not sure where, but bought new
Leggings - Ann Taylor, bought new
Boots - Secondhand, bought on Ebay for $9


Sal said...

Hey there! Just found you through some Blogger hunting and had to say how fab it is to see someone writing about AFFORDABLE and attainable style through sustainable action. I love glossy fashion mags as much as the next girl, but mostly so I can figure out ways to emulate those looks cheaply ... not so I can actually plunk down dough for labels. Your blog is a fab resource for style and lifestyle choices.

Anonymous said...


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