Saturday, April 19, 2008

Feeling Less than Stellar . . . Listopad . . . Marvin

Because the day was bright, but my head felt dim, I decided that no true work would be accomplished today and headed over to Marvin for the Listopad vintage sale/event (thanks Ms. Spinach for the heads up).

It must have been the limited amount of sleep I got last night (Howard U. students throwing their end of semester out-of-control shindig 3 doors down - and the subsequent police sirens - did not allow for much sleep), but I just was too tired to to be inspired when I got there. I saw a few interesting things (like the bright coral grecian dress below. . .which, come to think of it, I should have bought - would have looked amazing with a tan!) and a DVF dress (the blue and white one).

But, what impressed me most was the HUGE patio at Marvin (who knew?). I have a neighbor who works there and, of course, I have heard all the hoopla, but I haven't had a chance to head over before this afternoon. It reminded me a lot of the 18th Street Lounge. It was not too crowded and after 2 mimosas and a bit of chatting I headed home.

But, the utmost best part of the whole thing is that I ran into my hairdresser from years ago who just moved back to DC!! I have not had a decent cut since she left over 2 years ago. I actually gave her a hug, I was so excited. (I am sure she thinks I am weird.) Oh well. As long as she cuts my hair! Here are some pics (sorry if they are less-than-stellar . . . I am feeling less-than-stellar today):

Not that you care, but this is what I wore today. Vintage Miss Sixty dress bought in Miami; American Eagle Outfitters jeans, H&M yellow cropped cardigan; Earth gold gladiator sandals.

Marvin Patio (there is a huge section under the roof)

An attending hipster (everyone was very hip there) seated in the open patio space. She was wearing the coolest Lisa Levine earrings with chains and feathers that I had noticed as soon as she walked in.

Great hair and Vivian, the greatest hairdresser in the world (on the right).

On my bike ride home, I was photographed by Graeme King for a project he is doing for Artomatic. He is documenting 24 hours on 14th street. If you have time, go say "hi", he'll be there until 9 AM on Sunday (he was near Pulp on 14th street).


Marissa said...

Very nice recap. I was thinking of going to this, but, um, didn't get up til Saturday.

And if you don't mind...where does your hairdresser work? I'm currently in the market for a local stylist...

Ms. Spinach said...

something came up and i (rather unfortunately, it seems) couldn't make it over in time... though i did hit up marvin later that night. love that patio.

and love that coral dress! it looks like there was some good vintage booty to be found. i'll definitely make sure to hit up the next one.

Cath said...

Just found your post! Thanks for covering us and stopping in. See you soon! Cath/Listopad

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