Wednesday, April 23, 2008

For Love of Miss Pixie's!!

On a recent warm Saturday, after cleaning the already sold!!! condo in Adams Morgan, my sig. other and I strolled around 18th street, enjoying the uncrowded bliss of early morning. We glanced in windows, gawked at all the hipsters on the street and were excited to idle away some time at Miss Pixie's - a great find of a store that sells secondhand and vintage furniture and decor and ALWAYS HAS COOKIES TO SHARE. To our utmost horror, the store was empty!!!!!! What could have happened? Did she really close the store? After some deep breaths and a moment of calming our panic, we noticed a sign. And all was good with the world . . . Miss Pixie's has moved to 14th Street (between Q and R)!! The fun! The excitement!

This past Saturday, I biked over to the new space. It is 3-4 times bigger! So many wonderfully unique things (all good for the environment, too since they are vintage or secondhand). Below are some of the things that caught my eye, but I betcha much of it sold already. : ( But, do not despair. Miss Pixie has a sharp eye, a quirky style sensibility and the energy to go to all those magical estate sales . . . new things are added every week.

So much more space at the new location!

Mirrors - $55 - $135

If it is velvet and tufted, I am immediately in love with it. Alas, this was already sold.
The price? A whopping $250!! (what a deal!! now that I am thinking about it, I should have asked if that was the correct price. But, I swear that is what the tag said.)

Thick flokati rug. 4 x 6. $250; Brass star - $75.

A cute little leopard print chair. Warning: not for the heavy set among us. $228. With a matching ottoman that was being sold separately.


Ms. Spinach said...

oh my goodness! so glad you told us, or i would have had a similar mini heart attack if i went by the old spot and saw the empty store. looks fantastic!

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