Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Peek at Loudermilk at Ginger and Thoughts on Mustard Seed in Bethesda

So, I didn't make it over to the happenin' Bethesda Row party earlier this week . . . 'cause, well, I had work to do and a community meeting to go to about how we can get the city not to abandon the elementary school across the street from my house after they close it down. This school is huge. Seriously. But, if the city doesn't make some plans quick, its just going to sit there, unused, wasted, tempting the crack heads. Yep. Good times . . .

Anyway, I took the opportunity of a meeting in Bethesda this aftrenoon to stroll over to Mustard Seed as well as check out the new boutique, Ginger (that I mentioned in yesterday's post).

Well. Mustard Seed. What is there to say? I was under the impression that Mustard Seed was a consignment/second-hand store. I walked in and was *delighted* to see a cute flouncy red trapeze top . . . and then another one in orange . . . then I thought, oh, well, maybe someone brought in several similar tops . . . and then it dawned on me, most of the store was NEW STUFF. Cute, not too expensive stuff, but new. My mistake, I guess. The small (and I would say, frankly pitiful) selection of vintage and secondhand in the back could in no way compare to the bright colors and cute cuts of the new stuff. So, that was disappointing. That, and that everything that was new was made in China (no wonder it only costs $45!!).

On I went to find Bethesda Row. I was looking and looking for Ginger, but, realized that they were housed in some temporary digs in a large store front (sharing it with Lucy, a casual clothing chain that is also, like Ginger, waiting for its new store space to be ready). I am sure the racks were totally PICKED THROUGH yesterday (the saleswoman confirmed that it was mayhem yesterday), but they had some nice things. Definitely. I took some pics of the Loudermilk pieces. The original intent was to try the jeans and white tank on . . . but, um, I couldn't even get the 10!!! over my thighs. SIGH. I take a 6 in every other brand I have ever tried on, but I just couldn't get the jeans over that very last part of my upper thigh. (More incentive to get myself back to the gym!!) And, well, at that point I was discouraged enough not to want to try the tank on. But, all the pieces were really well-made and the fabrics were amazing to the touch. So, if you have skinny-minny thighs, def. go buy yourself some Loudermilk denim!!

White Seacell T-shirt ($218) and Lightweight Organic Cotton Jeans ($285)

"Windstorm" Organic Cotton Dress (which was coated with this metallic . . . something. really neat) ($495)

Sustainable Silk Wrap Jacket; Oeko-Tex approved ($515)

Ginger also had a few pieces by the company Saja, which were made from Modal. Modal is SO soft!! Modal is 100% biodegradable and is a a more eco-alternative to viscose, which is usually made with a very toxic process. It is also a better alternative than some of the petroleum-based fabrics. Modal is made from beech trees in Australia and needs few fertilisers or pesticides. It also maintains its color longer, making the garment last longer. According to Lenzing, the main manufacturer of Modal, "The pulp and fiber production are conducted in accordance with the principle of sustainability. Chemicals and secondary products which occur during the production process are sold as valuable substances. One example of this is wood sugar which is further processed to sweeteners." So there.


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