Saturday, April 12, 2008

Thou Shalt Not Co-Mingle your Vegetables

Grrr - it is getting to the point where I just can't stomach going to Whole Foods anymore for the totally unaware people who are the ones that are supposed to be aware and who are supposed to be educated enough to make the right choices.

So, last night, I was in line behind this guy who had, like, eight different kinds of produce items that were all wrapped up securely in their own plastic bag. Two lemons, some pears, some bananas (who puts bananas in a plastic bag?!?!). I wanted to say, "you know, I am not sure who told you otherwise, but it's okay if your vegetables touch each other."

For those people out there who just can not get their heads around how you can make it through the produce aisle without using a 100 plastic bags, it is simple - follow these easy steps:

1. Pick up produce items.
3. Put them in your cart/basket. It is okay if they roll around a bit - just don't swing your cart around much and you will be fine.
3. Do not put heavy objects on top of, say tomatoes. Put your beer on the opposite side of the cart/basket. Or, use Whole Foods' double basket cart.
4. When you get to the check out, place alike items together to make it easier for the check out person. For example, place the LEMONS with the LEMONS. If you place the lemons with the tomatoes, this is wrong, so think a bit more about it and start over.
5. The check out person will NOT throw you out of her line. He/She is a professional and will be able to wrangle your squash onto the scale without needing it to be in a plastic bag (which kills sealife, is a horrible nuisance litter-wise and is just wasteful of resources).

Try my easy technique. Let me know how it goes. Maybe you'll like it. I'll like you for it - and that is like having tea with the Pope.


KRIS said...

for so long i thought i was the only one who really had issues with this! why do people feel compelled to not only put each sort of fruit or vegetable in their own individual bags but then use those horrible twist ties to boot?!

Magnifique said...

If only there were a way that WF could give credit to people who re-use their produce bags... I use them as sparingly as possible, but I do need a couple because my greens wilt in the fridge if left naked for more than a few hours. I then re-use the bags next time I bring home produce, or I use them as bathroom trash bags, wet gym clothes bags, etc. Maybe the answer is to monetarily penalize people for using lots of plastic and reward them for re-using it.

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