Friday, April 25, 2008

Vélo-couture: Looking Good, Saving the World

I have lived without a car for almost 17 years now, depending on my trusty Parkpre mountain-bike sidekick to get me on my way. Although I usually wear comfortable biking gear, every once in a while, life will necessitate biking in what most people would normally not consider appropriate attire . . . like high heels and dresses and skirts (oh my!).

But, seriously, choosing biking - whether for environmental reasons, health reasons or just because it is absolutely the fastest way to get around DC (I swear) - does not mean giving up a sense of style or fashion. It just means being aware of the various bike parts and how clothes work when you ride. Be inspired:

First two pictures are from The Sartorialist - click here for more of his rad biking pictures.
All other pictures from: Copenhagen Cycle Chic and the Vélocouture group on Flickr.

And check out these sites for more ideas on biking and biking style:

DC Biking Resources:

Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA)

Bike Washington
Critical Mass-DC

And, lastly, when you just can't decide what to wear . . . World Naked Bike Ride Day!!



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