Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ebay Love

My most recent acquisition:

Since I do hope to become fully employed soon and will have to appear in an office setting (actually around other people!!), I have been keeping an eye out for outfits that are apropos. Dresses are perfect for summer in DC (and for biking to work - just one piece to carry). I found this lovely "I Love Lucy" vintage frock on Ebay for $9.99!! I plan to wear it with a lime or fuchsia silk belt and fun shoes. I think it will look good with a tan.

On an unrelated note . . . I am always the last to know! One of my favorite bands, Nickel Creek, is no longer. This makes me very sad! They were so awesome. Click below to hear one of the most romantic songs ever (player widget takes a second to pop up)!!


Marissa said...

Dang! You should post a "how-to" on, um, how to find hot shit on ebay. I seem to never have any luck. Or I'm just functionally retarded. Either/Or.

Righteous (re)Style said...

I find TOO much stuff on Ebay! (Perhaps b/c I spend too much time looking for stuff . . .) That's not a bad idea - maybe I'll post just a few helpful hints. Thanks!

Always In Style said...

eBay seems to be getting more and more outrageous when it comes to prices for vintage (Don't believe me? See sellers: Mama Stone Vintage, Lullie Vintage, for starters) so this beauty was a steal at $9.99 - congrats!

Righteous (re)Style said...

Oh yeah, there are def. those sellers making the big bucks on Ebay. And good for them. But, they are often putting in the time and effort - they offer great choices, hire models to show how a piece can be styled, how it sits on the body. But, the key to good ebay shopping is to search through all the other people just selling some of their stuff, not making a business from it. I also like Etsy a lot. Good priced stuff on Etsy.

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