Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Exciting DC Style Blogger News

This morning, Ms. Spinach had some interesting photos on her blog. Here is one:

Look, there, fourth from the right . . . could it be? Might it be? Oh, yes! It is Ms. A Serious Job is No Excuse (and P.S. - go to her site NOW to see her awesome new platinum blond hair. Seriously.) This is a promo shot for a new reality show about fashion magazine writers - how perfect. I can't wait until it starts. DC is finally going to make its debut, yo!! Luckily, the debut is being helmed by a very fashionable, sharp, smart and attractive blogger.

(Although, I am a little concerned about the second photo - why are they carrying trays of food? Doesn't look good.)

More on the show:

"Get in gear for Wednesday nights full of fashion on The CW Network this Fall. Stylista, being toted as a reality version of The Devil Wears Prada, will see the light of day this Fall as a companion piece to Tyra Banks’ America’s Next Top Model. Stylista follows eleven fashion mavens as they vie for a shot at an editorial job with Elle Magazine. Each episode features the fashionistas carrying out an assistant’s task and a fashion editorial assignment in a series of style-related challenges.

Contestants will work as assistants to Elle’s fashion news director, Anne Slowey. Anne will fire one person each week until the last assistant is left standing.

Stylista’s $100,000 grand prize package includes an editorial position at Elle Magazine, a paid lease on a Manhattan apartment, and a one year clothing allowance at H&M."


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