Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fitter. Faster. Better.

Why I bike.

  1. two words: tighter ass.
  2. I get to wear really tight pants and no one thinks its outrageous
  3. zero carbon emissions (and better than nuclear)
  4. biking to work gets the head going much faster than coffee
  5. feels like flying . . . whheeeeeeeeeee!
  6. I can scare tourist drivers by riding too close - watch out, you Lexus from Ohio! (please don't try this at home)
  7. no more pesky fatty areas above my knees
  8. absolutely, positively, the fastest way to get around DC
  9. "hill therapy" to deal with anger issues and uncooperative boyfriends
  10. no need to look for parking, have change for the bus, wait for a taxicab, or deal with the sweaty guy in the metro train (ick.)
  11. safety first. Harder to get mugged at 15 miles an hour.
  12. I no longer fear you, extra bite of dessert!! Bwahahahahaha!
  13. Critical Mass. Every 1st Friday. Dupont Circle. 6 PM.

Ride a bike today! : )


La Chingona said...

I am making the plunge and buying a bike. I agree that in DC, there is no better way to get around. I am slightly a'feared of the psycho drivers, but I am also not afraid of a good lawsuit. Can you recommend a place to get a good, modestly priced bike with some storage capacity? I'm hoping to avoid being raped in my wallet because of my complete lack of bicycledemia

Anonymous said...

Right on, sister! I was recently informed that my burg-of-residence, Minneapolis, has the highest percentage of bike commuters per capita. And I'm proud to say that, if it ain't raining, I'm biking. And for many of the same reasons you've cited here. ;)

Justin from ReadysetDC said...

Definitely! I've been cycling a few months now, but I let my wife use it now. She is a cosmetologist in Adam's Morgan, and its amazing how fast the ride is from Columbia Heights!

Anonymous said...

I would definitely recommend Capitol Hill Bikes for a bike shop to go to when looking for a bike. The staff seems more knowledgable than most other places in the city. For a road bike your price range would start in the 700's, but you could get away with getting a hybrid (part road part mountain bike) for the 400-500 range? That's from the top of my head but its about what you can expect to pay. It seems like a lot of money, but considering what you're saving on cabs/metro/gas/time it works out and most bikes last 20+ years. Plus you can do regular tune ups to it to make it last longer!

Anyway, congrats for making the plunge and getting a new bike! Its a big step and definitely the right one. I completely agree with this post - TIGHT ASS!!!!! :)

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