Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hey You!! Mother's Day is This Weekend . . . Hurry!

This is me and my mum. Look at our outfits! This was clearly the 70s. But, seriously, I look goooood in my suede skirt and red mary-jane sneakers. And my mum . . . who knew plaid and tie-dye could look so stylish? And you know, I totally have socks like that even at this age!!

Good times.

My mum has always been very fashionable and style conscious. She likes Ralph Lauren and, more recently, Lilly Pulitzer. I have been surrounded by Vogue magazines since the beginning of time.

My mother has always loved fashion. Maybe this wouldn't be such an amazing fact for someone born and raised in, say, Ohio, but my mother grew up in Soviet Russia, where, until only about a decade ago, there was nothing much in terms of fashion.

She has all kinds of stories about how, as teenagers, they would get European fashion magazines from visiting diplomats or when Communist-party parents would travel abroad. They would take the magazines to local seamstresses and the women would sew the outfits based on the photos. But the fabrics that were available would be different, so the outfit would always be just a bit "off". I remember one story about when my mother was very young, and, as a child of a high government official, had the privilege of attending an international camp for kids. Her roommate was French and had colored stockings - something my mother had never seen before in real life. I think her roommate ended up giving her a pair of her stockings and she loved them so much! I treasure these stories. They make me quite sad, but I also see them as a a reflection of how much color my mum has on the inside, which was able to shine through to her gray surroundings. And still does to this day.

In any case, have you sent anything to your mom for mother's day? I sent my mum these gorgeous eco-friendly tulips from Organic Bouquet.

They were Veriflora certified, which means that all growers and handlers met rigorous performance criteria in the following areas before being awarded the Veriflora certification:
  • sustainable crop production
  • ecosystem protection
  • fair labor practices
  • community benefits
  • product quality
Hurry! There are only a few days left.


Erin said...

Thank you! I've ordered these for my mother. They're absolutely exquisite.

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