Thursday, May 8, 2008

Looks for Less . . . um, environmental destruction?

I like all those sites that tell you how to get the "look for less". But, what about the "look for less environmental impact"? Buying vintage or secondhand is SO THE WAY TO GO. I trolled the internet to bring you some proof that new styles don't have to come from new clothes. Click on item pics to be taken to bid/buy sites.

Kate Hudson

Oh, Katie! I love all that leg you're showing! Is it for Owen? He's cute - even with that broken nose. (Style note: A heel in the color of your skin tone makes your legs look longer.)

Vintage paisley polyester dress from Etsy. $15.

Vintage belt from Ebay. Made in France. Bid on it or "Buy it NOW" for $19.99.

Vintage snakeskin beige heels are from Etsy. Size 7. $28.

Charlize Theron

Charlize is just such a classic beauty. I love this simple spring look with a dash of yellow on a bare leg.

Fully-lined vintage trench coat from Ebay. Bid on it or "Buy it Now" for $59.99.

Vintage yellow shoes from Ebay. Size 9. (Wait, that's my size!!) Bidding starts at $9.99.

Gwyneth Paltrow

I have always thought that Gwyneth was a bit of a snob (at least she seemed that way from her interviews - perhaps she was different in real life. I mean, I never had coffee with her or anything). However, she seems to have chilled out after having her two kids. Here she is at one of the premiers of her new movie, "Iron Man". (Which, btw, I saw opening night and highly recommend. But, obviously, only if you think movies based on comic books aren't complete rubbish. )

Vintage lace dress from Ebay. Small-med. Bids currently at $9.99. Comes with a black slip not shown.

Vintage Oscar de la Renta tuxedo jacket from Ebay. Current bid at $17.95.


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