Friday, May 2, 2008

A Night at Barney's with Philip Lim and DC Fashion Bloggers

Well, okay, Philip Lim was not actually there . . . but many pieces from his "Go Green Go" collection were, featuring organic cottons, natural dyes, and at least an effort to reduce emissions from transportation (as was stated on the tag - although everything was still imported, but at least there is an awareness).

And we were at Barney's (make that, Georgetown Barney's Co-op) with champagne and itsy cupcakes (which you could, if you really wanted to, pop in your mouth whole - although it would have looked rather strange, but was still physically plausible) from Firehook Bakery, a locally-owned bakery. All hosted by Washington Post's style Newsletter, DC Scout. And, hee hee, I was invited as "Press".

To top it off, I finally got to meet Betsy from Fashion is Spinach and Rachel from Project Beltway and the very sweet author of DCCeline (who is also a mom!!), whose name I scribbled on a piece of paper to offset my very poor short-term memory . . . and promptly lost. (Sorry, DC Celine! BTW, I loved your shoes and forgot to mention. You should post a pic!) And, although I didn't meet her, I saw Morgan, who writes Pandahead and she was teeny! Very petite and very cute. She was rocking a colorful dress under a little black jacket. It would have been nice to chat, but she was leaving as I arrived (late, as usual, and a bit sweaty from my bike ride to Georgetown).

Conveniently for my plans for the evening, Betsy is model thin and model tall (although she seems very pixie-ish on her blog . . . and she actually seems very pixie-ish in person, except like a very tall pixie) and laid-back to boot so when I asked her if she was willing to undress and try on some of Philip Lim's collection for me to photograph, she obliged. Now, mind you, I am not a professional fashion photographer and she is not a professional model (though she could be!), but I think we did okay with the pix! (Check them out below).

About the "green" fashion at Barney's: I think we both commented that green fashion was at this stage of development where designers were trying to convince consumers that they don't have to wear a hemp sack to be "green" - however, some of Philip Lim's pieces were sort of . . . um, shapeless. Not exactly like a sack, but not exactly tailored. Betsy also tried on a Theory organic linen dress, that we "shaped" up with a belt - but, overall, I think the trapeze shape works best with color or patterns. [Note: try not to look at the prices if you balk at spending three digits on clothing.]

But, most importantly (um, or not), this is what I wore:

Vintage butterfly shirt ($18) from Annie Creamcheese; high-waist Philosophy skirt from Filene's; shoes from some little store in Paris, which I bought about 10 years ago, back when the US dollar actually got you something in Europe. You can't see it very well in the photo, but the sleeves are a bit sheer (and so was the back) and I have fun light green eye shadow on. The shoes were such a hit at the party! I was stopped several times about the shoes and was even told by a couple of ladies that I had won their "best shoes contest of the night". Who knew.

Betsy in Philip Lim's "Go Green Go" organic cotton gown. ($995.00) Beautiful!!

Philip Lim "sailor" dress ($370). We paired it over a Rag and Bone skinny knit dress ($225)

Theory Organic Cotton Tunic ($295). Hollywood Trading Company belt ($375). I so wanted to go home with that belt - if it was exactly $300 dollars less. Oh well.

More thoughts on the event (with swag recap) and more about Barney's "green" efforts later in the day or over the weekend.

And many thanks to Betsy for posing!


Marissa said...

Nice dress-on-dress combo! I <3 rag & bone. I also <3 Philip Lim. This means I <3 <3 that outfit.

Anonymous said...

aww thanks maria! i'm sorry we passed like two ships in the night, but your top was sooo great - and for the record, your "sweaty" came off more like like "freshfaced and glowing." if only we were all so lucky...

Righteous (re)Style said...

Marissa - would have been fun if you were there.

Morgan - Thanks so much! I'm sure we'll meet soon. Will you be at the BYT on Saturday night? maybe there.

ZipHtc said...

Thanks for the props on Hollywood Trading Company! We know we can be expensive, but we use only the very best materials either making our goods in The U.S.A. or Italy. We always attempt to make our goods timeless so that they do not become "dated" after one or two seasons. ;-)

Best Regards,

Hollywood Trading Company

Melody said...

Love the shoes and your blog! I will be visiting again for future posts. Take care.

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