Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sitting Here.

I sit at this table a lot. Aimlessly surfing the endless realms of the interweb. LOLing at other bloggers' wit . . . pondering their wisdom. Futilely trying to restructure (boring, awful, stupid) cover letters. Trying to rationalize my writer's block. Lately, mostly trying to rationalize my writer's block . . .

These are some of the things that I see when I sit here.

(Sorry, that's all I got kids. Maybe its the heat. )


Marissa said...

Is that some Cyrillic I see? Why do I feel like we need to go drink the vodka sampler at Russia House soon? Good luck with the writer's block, though. Your zeal will return!

(And spasibo for the link lyubov'!)

Anonymous said...

Love your Uglydoll. I've wanted one for ages, but fear it would end up a cat toy.

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