Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Beating the DC Heat: Style will Save You.

Oh, the DC heat! Building a city on top of a swamp was never really a good idea - and we all are paying for it. (I won't even start on the mosquitoes . . .)

But, do not despair. There are many ways to beat the heat without overdoing the air-conditioning (well, okay, you need a little air conditioning).

Watch what you wear. Wear less - leave the long sleeves and long pants in the closet. Wear lighter fabrics that allow the very limited DC breezes to get in and opt for lighter colors. And my favorite thing for summer months: backless tops. I realized the other night, as I watched Caddyshack (which, if you haven't watched it recently, really is the hipster fashion bible), backless tops are so amazing. Here are a few eco-friendly versions that I found (with links to where you can get them):

Larsen organic cotton dress. At Shopbop. $216

Bamboo jersey dress by Ryann. Avail. at Fashion Ethic. On sale for $215.

Cute! Vintage Backless Dress. Ebay. Bid currently at $88.00

I have always loved open-backed tops and dresses, but I never knew what kind of bra to wear with it. I just don't like going bra-less anymore and those adhesive bras never seem to work for me. But, I just came across this "revolutionary" backless bra from Maidenform. It looks like it could actually be comfortable.

More tips to come . . . stay cool . . .


Sal said...

Hey kitten, you've won a Premio Award! I've tagged you.

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