Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bleh - Procrastination & Hair

I am suffering through significant procrastination issues. I have THREE jobs to apply for, but all I am mustering enough energy to do is daydream (and Google, Google, Google) about the perfect haircut (my "never-getting-past-shoulder-length" style is SO TIRED) and what vintage items I can find on Ebay for fall. (Last night the beau walked in on me sniping a vintage pair of over-the-knee brown leather Frye boots on Ebay and sighed, "Not another pair of vintage boots . . ." Whatever. I will probably not win them anyway since my max. bid was so low. )

Anyway, below are some of the haircuts I am thinking about. Several things I have learned over the years about my hairstyle (which I tend to change - cut, color, style - every few months . . . except for the last year or so when I have been trying to grow it out):

- I can not have short hair on top. I had a fauxhawk for a while and hated every single minute of it. Even though people said it looked "cute-edgy", I thought my features were just too strong to not be balanced with more hair. Plus, my ears stick out too far.
- I think that I look okay with most hair colors. I have been a redhead, a blond and, most recently a brunette (with blond streaks, with fuschia streaks, and just plain brown).
- The hair cut needs to work straightened or wavy, since my hair can do both well and I would get so bored if I couldn't have the choice of how to wear it.
- I generally do better with a "less fuss" cut . . . another words, my hair has been mostly in a pony-tail or hair band for the last year or so, since styling longer hair always takes more time - and hardly makes a difference in DC's humid weather.
- I need some sort of bang because I think that my forehead is a bit too large.

I love myself most with a chin-length blond bob, but gave up the blond hair because it is SO damaging to your hair to dye it every month to keep the roots at bay. Plus, most hair colors have all kinds of chemicals that are released into our environment when you rinse that crap out. Plus, hair dye is applied directly to the scalp, nearest the root. This is where the blood supply is the richest in the entire human body, and , if the chemicals are absorbed through the skin, they can be carried by the blood stream throughout your body. Anyhoo . . . I have been dying my hair brown over the past 4 years (every 4 months or so) to, now, keep the gray at bay . . . But I use a more natural hair color and, since I do it so infrequently, my hair is in much better shape than it ever has been. Except, frustratingly, for the aforementioned TIRED hair style.

Anyway, blah. Here are the styles I am thinking about:

I loved Katie's hair before she got the short bangs.

The bottom right cut. It looks like it sort of has the texture that my hair has.

I think this is cute too. But, I might just be reminiscing about being blond. Sigh.

I've had this hair cut before and loved it. The edges were dyed platinum blond. I know, I know, ick - it is a mullet. But it just works with how I dress and my hair texture. However, I am thinking that most consulting firms in DC will probably not be so keen on something so "wild"! Sigh again.

Okay, off to write cover letters. Tootles!


Angel Of The Odd said...

that last style is from urban outfitters right?
i actually downloaded some pix of that model cuz i dug her hair too
i think that style would look best on you b/c you have that great wavy hair....

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