Monday, July 21, 2008

More Fun, Less Stuff!

Did you know that Capital Fringe Fest is going on this week in Washington, DC?

What!!??! You don't know what the Fringe Fest is? Fringe festivals happen all over the world. They are events that bring unjuried performances to local audiences. The performers are often local and, because the festival is unjuried, there is an opportunity to see some funky, experimental stuff. DC joined the Fringe family in 2006 and the organization - and number of performances - has grown steadily ever since.

If you are interested in the growing cultural beat of the DC scene, you MUST check the Fringe out. Plus, everything is METRO ACCESSIBLE! You know I love that.

I especially recommend MANIFESTO! at the Source Theater on 14th Street . . . a slightly surreal presentation by Happenstance Theater that will make you think and make you laugh. Be prepared to hear the words of Karl Marx (and others) presented by dada clowns . . . with slow motion fights . . . and audience participation . . . "what does dada do? eh!" (Read the Washington City Paper review here.)

Have fun! (And don't forget to get your button, if you do go!)


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