Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fun with Ikea "Hacking"

I came across this blog recently: Ikea Hacker. It features projects from people who are "modifying, hacking, tinkering, and generally doing what they like with the Swedish giant's stuff."

I mention this site not because I think we should all shop at Ikea (even though Ikea does seem to have a much greater commitment to environmental stewardship and social issues than other popular furniture retailers). But, for two reasons:

  1. Ikea comes up with some interesting designs a lot of the time that are very easy to get home and put together, BUT,
  2. um, sometimes . . . ahem . . . Ikea things break and instead of tossing the item in the landfill, perhaps this blog will give you an idea of how to re-use it for some other need;
  3. there are TONS of secondhand Ikea products for sale (cheap!) on Craigslist every day; perhaps Ikea Hacker will give you some ideas on how to meet your (storage, shelving, decor, etc.) needs in a way you never even imagined before (again, keeping stuff out of the landfill - while also coming up with something quite unique and stylish).
Here are some of my favorites:

Ikea lamp (re)style:

Snack Box into Cat Box (ingenious and so so cute):

Wine Rack into Towel Rack:


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