Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Loving Now: Kingdom of Style Blog

I have been obsessing recently over ways to restructure some of the clothing that I already own. I definitely have enough clothing that I don't really wear to make a lot of clothing that I might actually wear. So, I have been looking at sites that help you do that.

I just recently came across this Brit blog: Kingdom of Style. I love that the author loves to restyle "charity shop" finds (Brit-speak for thrift stores) and she shares her how-tos with her readers. Plus, she has such an eclectic, mature sense of style. American style bloggers have a proclivity toward the "cutesy" - which I like, as well - at least in some moods. I always love to look at poofy skirts and dresses . . . but, for years, my going out uniform has been muscle shirts and jeans. I like that this blog's style is edgy and a little outrageous. She has done so much just by changing how things are buttoned. It's really brilliant. Here are some of her more recent restyled looks.


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