Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Post About Posting

Here it is, 3:59 AM . . . and I Just. Can't. Sleep.

Every few months I have one of these insom-maniacal (yes, I totally just made that word up) nights, where every single thing that I have sort of, kind of, maybe, thought about over the last few weeks starts flooding my head. Sometimes its an incredibly anxious type of feeling (e.g., "when will I get a job?"). Other times, I just hash out things in my head that I really should save for daylight hours ("should I use Frontline on my pets even though its a pesticide? Why does the vet recommend it?", "am I getting the best rate I can on my money market account?", "I can't wait to get rid of the carpets!" . . . you get the idea).

Anyway, this night's insomnia also had strains of "OMG, I haven't posted on the blog in days! Almost weeks! I hate when other bloggers don't post regularly. No one is going to read my blog if I don't post more regularly."

Yes, its true, I stay awake and think about YOU, readers! (Damn those Google Analytics stats.)

Life has been pretty busy recently. And I've been feeling like my writing energy is usually exhausted by the end of the day. Ironically, I have, like, 10 entries that I have taken pictures for and others that I have taken notes for and even others that I have actually started to write. I know. Pathetic. I can't seal the deal, man.

Well, I am done feeling guilty about it. And since there is no way that I am winding my relationship with this blog down, I am actually going to commit to write. Here it is: I will post new things every Tuesday and Friday . . . if it kills me.

I am pretty good with commitment (just ask any of my previous boyfriends). So, hopefully, if I commit to write, you will commit to read. (Or at least cheat on some of your other blogs with me twice a week).

There. It's on paper . . . or, I mean, um, on your screen. Almost like setting it in stone . . . um, but not really. I mean, I can always delete this tomorrow after I actually get some sleep. (But I won't.)

Sweet dreams, eco-efriends (I totally just made that word up, too).


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