Monday, August 25, 2008

When Shopping Actually Helps the World be Better

We've all heard of Goodwill. That is often the place you go to donate the things you shouldn't have bought in the first place, right? But did you know that it is also an organization that provides job training and assistance to people with disadvantages and disabilities? By selling the things people donate, it makes money to help others. And for the eco-fashionista, Goodwill is fast becoming a major source of easy basics as well as killer vintage finds.

I have been a fan of Goodwill for a long time (did you notice the Goodwill logo in my blog header?) and have found pieces (both secondhand and vintage) that have withstood the test of time (and closet purging). I like to drop by the Glebe Rd store in VA every chance I get. Although I usually find something to buy on every trip, it is often hit or miss - I may find many beautiful things . . . or just a tunic made in Peru . . . or just a vintage bow-neck shirt.

But, Goodwill DC has recently launched a great new way to stock up on some one-of-a-kind vintage finds: the Goodwill Travelin' Vintage Trunk Show (which has been highlighted in the right hand column in my new calendar feature - check it out).

Ms. Goodwill Fashion (a very entertaining blogger, who also works for Goodwill) expertly curated the selection of vintage pieces that were featured, which she had collected from local Goodwill stores. And, let me tell you, garments (and shoes and hats and purses) were flying off the racks last Thursday at the Marimekko concept store in Silver Spring. I was incredibly disappointed with myself to have arrived almost an hour after the starting time - the things I probably had missed!

All in all, the beau and I came home with the following (pictures coming soon!):

- 1 men's dark brown silk velvet YSL blazer, slightly (but perfectly) worn at the elbows;
- 1 dark blue THE LIMITED suede blazer, cut skinny, with a skinny collar (essential rock and roll attire);
- 1 LBD with little cap sleeves that fit like it was made for me (I love when that happens);
- 1 Lou Taylor leather handbag (with fun, gold edges), big enough for my little laptop, with a mirror (for touching up my Korres Lip Butter) and a change purse attached on the inside;
- 1 pair of clip on earrings made from little dark blue balls.

It was also great fun to hang out with some of DC's best known fashion bloggers from Fashion is Spinach and Project Beltway. We tried on outfits and giggled at ourselves. Good fun.

So, if you hear a rumor that there is a Goodwill Travelin' Trunk Show headed your way, make sure you get there early, because Ms. Goodwill's eye is stylishly sharp, the prices just can't be beat, and you will be shopping to make the world a better place.

Here are some photos from the trunk show:

EDIT: I forgot to mention that although Goodwill provided plastic bags at the event, they were BIODEGRADABLE!!


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