Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hey, Trashy Neighbor, Stop Wasting my Tax Dollars

I just saw an interesting statistic on the Green DC website (did you even know that the DC government had a green website? Me neither.) Here is the stat:

It costs the District about $25 to haul and dispose of one ton of recyclable materials, compared to $60 per ton of non-recyclable trash.

If there was more recycling, the District would spend less on waste services, which would leave more money for other important things. Which means that every one of my neighbors in the District who does not recycle is wasting my hard-earned tax dollars.

Hey You, freakin' recycle already!!!!


LenoreNeverM♡re said...

this is hee-heelarious but so true!
I posted 'recycling' on my blog too...hee! do our small/tiny part right!? Feel free to visit ok...
don't forget to click ' comment' & say hi ok, also I'd know u drop by.

Take care & yes to recycle!!!hee...

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