Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Refined Sense of . . . Grunge?

One thing that caught my eye for Fall (I know, I know, the Fall '08 shows were in March, but, really, there is just no way I can think about the Fall until, you know, Fall) were the many designers doing tartans. From Ralph Lauren to D&G to Thakoon, there were many interpretations of this centuries old pattern. I loved Lauren's tartan evening gown and Thakoon's version, as well.

D&G's obsession with the pattern (everywhere, including the tights!) was fun - it definitely takes a skilled eye to be able to combine so many tartan patterns in one outfit and not have it look crazy (okay, so a few of the outfits did, kinda, look crazy). I also loved the scarves that D&G showed - so classic, while at the same time reminding me of my Russian heritage (speaking of which, is it me, or is every other model on the runway Russian nowadays?):

Sadly, I am old enough to remember the last time this trend was very big - grunge. (I totally remember the Vogue spread that the pic below was taken from. )

But, this season's version of it is more tailored, lady-like, modern. When an old fashion theme resurfaces, it is always easy to call it "modern" - things are obviously updated and redesigned. In any case, I always find it interesting when trends resurface - while giving us an opportunity to do it a bit differently, it also makes us old folks a bit nostalgic (I think you need at least a few decades of birthday candles to really know what I am talking about). In any case, this is actually a good thing for us environmentally conscious fashionistas - we get to find old things (maybe even in our own closets) and make them new again. So, as always, here are a few vintage/secondhand options that let you be in the "now", while still reducing your environmental impact (as always, click on the image to be taken to buy/auction site):

(Gosh, looking through all the stuff on Etsy really brought back memories of childhood. I remember going through a phase as a preteen where I loved all things Scottie dogs and red plaid. I also remember my mother making me the most amazing green plaid taffeta skirt and blouse set for one New Year's Eve when I was probably only 8 or so. Ah, good times.)


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