Monday, October 13, 2008

More Press For Our Little Blog, Baby!

Secondhand Savvy

2 Shoppers Hit 5 Thrift Stores in 1 Day. Do They Discover Deals, Or Duds?

Washington Post Staff Writers
Sunday, October 12, 2008; Page N01

"Unless you've been buried under a mountain of summer clothes, you know that the economic forecast is not sunny these days. And no matter how you spin it, a half-off designer dress isn't really a bargain if it's not in your budget. Intrepid shoppers that we are, we decided to apply our skills to the world of thrift shopping.

But be warned: Neither of us are experienced thrifters, able to spot a vintage Dior dress amid a rack of musty polyester blouses. We're at opposite ends of the enthusiasm spectrum, too. Holly is drawn to the challenge of digging for sartorial treasure; Michelle cops to being "too prissy" to comb through castoffs. Still, we'd heard heaps of praise for secondhand shopping: You'll often find more high-quality, long-lasting items than at H&M et al., and it's easy on the wallet and even easier on the Earth.

"Making something new takes a lot of resources, creates a lot of waste and has serious environmental impacts," says Maria Fyodorova, who writes the local blog Righteous (re)Style, which promotes eco-friendly shopping. "You will get many more style points from wearing unique, often one-of-a-kind pieces than you would get from buying everything at a mass-market chain store."

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