Friday, October 3, 2008

Righteous (re)Style Gets Press. Niiiiice.

From the Washington Post's Express:

"What's old becomes very new again, thanks to Yuppie Decor, an Arlington-based furniture rehab business that sells its pieces at Georgetown's Maison Living (2601 P St. NW; 202.337.1731). "Antique furniture is better built, has better lines and is more stylish," says Aaron Hase, who co-owns the company with his wife, Shannon (both pictured). "But a lot of it doesn't fit peoples' style today. So, we take antique and mid-century furniture and revive it in bold style." This often means painting Grandma's chair or tuffet a high-gloss black or white and reupholstering it in a punchy textile. Think an old Hollywood-style chaise covered in a modern black and white floral ($550) or a black antique boudoir bench upholstered in a bright green print ($115). It's all very Tory Burch goes to Palm Beach, but Yuppie pieces would play well in both modern or traditional interiors. And, really, "purchasing secondhand furniture is the greenest way to go," says D.C.'s Maria Fyodorova, who runs the popular Righteous (re)Style blog. "It gives you a unique piece that no one else will have."

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