Monday, November 16, 2009


The DC Tweed Ride went over swimmingly. Over 300 people participated in their finest tweedy attire. The weather was lovely, the ride was leisurely - people chatted on the way, waved at passers-by, greeted stunned tourists with a "good day, chap" and laughed all the way to Marvin where gin punch and Belgian beer were consumed into the late afternoon.

A pit stop was made in front of the White House where a spirited "hip-hip-hooray" echoed in the Spring-like air (as captured in my little video below). I send this "hip-hip-hooray" to Eric, Kristin and Janine and the rest of the organizers who pulled this enjoyable event together.

DC Tweed Ride - White House Stop from Righteous (re)Style on Vimeo.

Friday, November 13, 2009

More Dandy Inspiration for the Tweed Ride!

Photo by Greg Min.  
(THOUGH, leave the fur at home.  Unless its faux or your old Aunt Mildred's vintage stole that means SO much to you!)

Photo by McJenna from the Philly Tweed Ride

Pic from dustinj.

Pic by Lego.

Pic from

Pic from here.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Styling for the Tweed Ride DC!

Getting so very excited for DC's Tweed Ride! Preparations have commenced (photo from Planet Claire's Blog):

Tweed, fitted suit: check!
Argyle socks: check!
Red, vintage, lace-up boots: check!
Cute vintage adornments: check!

Still on the look-out for an appropriate hair accessory for the seasonally inappropriate balmy 67 degrees expected on Sunday (hello climate change!).

The one operational issue that I am facing is the need to somehow roll up the extra wide legs of my trousers. Although I would look quite natty in my 3-piece tweed suit, the wide legs may make it difficult to bike the route (just released here). So, I think I have decided to wear knickers of some sort or a skirt (which will also allow me to display my quite rad red, vintage boots and argyle socks). However, I do not, at this point in time, own any knickers. And that is where the continually astonishing power of the Google comes in.

I have found several places online where there are easy peasy directions on making a pair of pants into knickers. So, if you are facing a similar conundrum, check out the links below - with some additional photos of outfit inspiration at the bottom. (Don't currently have a pair of pants to convert into jaunty knickers? Visit any local Goodwill for a truly amazing array of inexpensive options. Or, check out the Goodwill Travelin' Trunk show on Saturday being held at Greater Goods at 16th and U, NW. ) Hope to see you on Sunday!

Make your own knickers:
Remixing Clothes-Making pants into knickers

Make Your Own Knickers

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Nov. 15 - Tweed Ride: You've come a long way DC!

Image from Marie Claire

Just a few years ago, this kind of thing wouldn't have gotten any attention at all - hell, it wouldn't have been even organized. But, DC is a changing place, baby. Welcome to the first Tweed Ride in DC. What is a Tweed Ride you ask? According to the ReadysetDC (check this blog out def!), Tweed Rides have been organized around the world and in cities across the nation since the early 1900’s. The participants wear tweeds and fancy attire.

Check out the quote below from the organizer of the event (via ReadysetDC from The City Paper):

“As this is the first tweed ride known to occur in D.C. since the infestation of the automobile, we cannot be certain of how many riders will attend. Mere mention of it over a month ago have sent dozens of dapper dandies and quaintrelles quietly in search of suitable tweed and steel. This ride will serve to announce our arrival in a city in dire need of dandified representation. The word will be sure to travel in the right circles. The spring ride should bring dandies in great numbers from both near and far.”

Although I can't be a dandy, this girl, in her tweed 3-piece suit, will certainly be there.

For an idea of how much fun and fashion will happen, check out this flickr set:


DC Tweed Ride
November 15, 2009
11:00am - 7:00pm
Starts: 8th + H Street
Ends: Marvin (14th and Fla.)

Monday, September 28, 2009

DC is Going Green!

It's true! The DC "green scene" is growing exponentially. There are social events for greenies, more and more restaurants proclaiming local and organic menus, boutiques that sell vintage and eco-friendly fashion, eco-spas, farmers' markets, sustainable hotels, "green" yoga studios . . . and there is no better place to read all about it than on Going Green DC.

Check out my friend Sacha's blog out pronto!

If you want to meet all the young and hip green leaders in DC, then you must definitely come to the Extreme Green Gala on October 9th, hosted by CarbonFundDC. More details here.
And, oh my gosh, the Green Festival is almost here! So excited!! (October 10 & 11)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

DC's BEST Consignment Stores (from

This is a great list of consignment stores in the DC area that I just found on This was originally written by Sara Levine and Gretchen Cook (the descriptions are theirs). I have added some comments about the places I have been to, the addresses and a link to the website - if the store has one. If you have been to others, please let us know how they are!

Best for fashionistas: Grace & Kelli. (7311 Little River Turnpike, Annandale, VA) The boutique ambiance hints at the sticker shock here: Handbags from Ferragamo, Prada, Chanel, and Gucci can run more than $1,000, suits from Akris, Burgamo, and Diane von Furstenburg $100 to $300. But the 30- to 40-percent discount on the latest fashions lure many—and prices drop 25 percent after two months. Online store shows and sells some of the shop’s clothing.

Best for urbanites: Secondi. (1702 Connecticut Ave. NW, DC) In the oft-updated selection of clothing, shoes, and handbags you’ll find designer labels like Fendi, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci. A great place to look for party dresses. [RR says: I agree - a great place for party dresses . . . plus you can always bring them back to resell after your event! I find the prices a little steep for the lesser labels - about the same as you would score on sale at Macy's. However, you can get some nice designer pieces for a good price. Every once in a while, the store will have a vintage piece that is TO DIE for. Secondi also has nice coats each season. My favorite coat from last winter was a faux shearling, vintage suede number that I paid less than $80 for at Secondi. I wore it all winter long! However, I find the customer service a bit spotty, which is always so surprising to me because the owner is amazingly nice.]

Best for socialites: Inga’s Once Is Not Enough. (4830 MacArthur Blvd., DC) The place for such high-end finds as fur coats, Tuleh dresses, and Manolo Blahnik stilettos. The Chanel section is particularly impressive, as is the hidden back room with haute handbags. While prices may seem high, everything is in excellent shape; some items still have tags from Neiman Marcus.

Best for ladies who lunch: Encore Resale Dress Shop. (3715 Macomb St NW, DC) This longtime favorite with socialites offers a good selection of conservative but dressy couture, evening wear, and furs. Prices are most competitive in the everyday category, and don’t miss the $1 bin where an opera-going velvet gown recently landed.

Best for career women: Fashion Exchange. (6663 Old Dominion Dr. # B McLean, VA) A great selection of professional and casually elegant outfits. The small shop has a few upmarket designers like St. John, Christian Lacroix, and Carolina Herrera, but most racks contain midrange separates for as low as $15. Handbags and shoes run to the practical and lower-priced, with a few justifiably costly items like a beautiful Prada purse for $350.

Best for power lunchers: The Ritz. (5014 Nicholson Lane, Rockville, MD‎) Pricey knit suits dominate, with more than 200 by St. John on a recent visit, but the prices on those—average $300—are still one-third below retail. The shop stocks conservative designers—Chanel, Hermès (scarves and men’s ties too), Louis Vuitton—as well as a small selection of furs and casually elegant separates. [RR says - they sell fur. Ugh. Enough said.]

Best for wide selection: Carousel Consignments. (12168 Nebel St, Rockville, MD‎) From $15 Ann Taylor slacks to midprice evening wear to $400 Chanel suits, this is a one-stop shop for top designers and affordable brands—and the discounts are some of the best around. The friendly staff will help you pick through the selection.

Best for your first job: Clothes Encounters. (202 7th St SE, Washington, DC) Lots of young Hill staffers head here. The prices are low, and the selection skews toward business attire: jackets, pantsuits, conservative dresses. [RR says: I've gotten some cute accessories here for super cheap: a Coach belt for $5, a Banana Republic suede hobo for $25. The selection is less interesting than at Secondi, but things get marked down a lot, so it is a fun place to stop into if you are visiting Eastern Market.]

Best for a (discounted) splurge: Second Chance. (4920 Fairmont Ave, Bethesda, MD‎) This small shop doesn’t have truly cheap finds, but you may spot an Yves Saint Laurent dress or Ferragamo shoes at a discount. If the gently used designer finds are still out of range, visit during twice-yearly sales.

Best for stylish everyday wear: Current Boutique. (2529 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA‎) There are some designer pieces at this shop, which stocks new and consigned items, but the emphasis is on midprice brands—think Banana Republic or Seven jeans. Fun jewelry, too.

Best for dressing up: Chic to Chic. (15900 Luanne Dr, Gaithersburg, MD‎) The chandelier says it all: couture clothing mixed with great service. Power suits mingle with sexy separates. Eveningwear from Moschino, Max Studio, James Perse, and Versace offers the best choices—with bargains like a $98 Nicole Miller cocktail dress. Lots of items are new because the owner shops retail sales.

Best for European flair: New to You. (108 W Broad St, Falls Church, VA) French rock sets the scene for hard-to-find couture—like a Thakoon evening jacket ($369) and a Roland Mouret jacket ($520). The style is largely for young, well-heeled hipsters looking for True Religion, Seven, and Citizens of Humanity jeans at one-third below retail, but professional women can find sophisticated or sexy separates, handbags, and shoes. Don’t miss the fine jewelry, which recently included a pair of 18-karat Cartier hoops for $1,645 ($1,000 off retail).

Best for teens: Mustard Seed. (7349 Wisconsin Ave, Bethesda, MD) Though the consignment selection can be hit-or-miss, prices are good, and there are always plenty of jeans to peruse—with patience, you’re likely to find a good pair, no matter your age. The store also sells vintage and new items. [RR says: Yes, many teenagers! And many teenager type clothing! The boutique has also started selling new items as well, so definitely keep an eye out if you are buying something new or something old. Last winter, I got a grey vintage wool dress that was one of my staples for winter events. We've gotten some shoes for my fiancé there as well. It is not convenient for me to go there and I wouldn't make a special trip out of it - just not enough things to make it worth it.]

Best vibe: Diva Boutique. (116 S Pitt St, Alexandria, VA‎) Housed in a lovely three-level Old Town rowhouse, owner Cindy McCartney’s shop is as cheery as she is. She sets out candy and other goodies for shoppers as they browse the well-edited selection of designer dresses, jeans, shoes, handbags, and more.

RR says: Remember that buying secondhand or vintage clothing is absolutely the greenest way to do fashion! But, don't forget to bring your own very fashionable, REUSABLE bag - you will definitely lose green karma points if you take your nice "new to you" clothes home in a plastic bag!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Custom Wedding Cake Toppers

(I just can't stop posting this week!!)
I absolutely love these! Hand made in San Diego. Sold on
A great gift for a couple or a fancy topper to your wedding cake.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Crafty Bastards is LESS than 2 weeks away!

We love us some crafty bastards! The awesome Washington DC arts and crafts fair is less than 2 weeks away! Many of the vendors will be local, so come out and support the local talent.

Here are just some of the fair's vendors:

Check out all the vendors HERE.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Newest Eco-Friendly Fashion Obsession: Vintage Shoe Clips

The Fall Fashion mags were filled with prettily embellished flats for fall – a huge relief from the towering heels that have monopolized the pages over the last few seasons. I actually really like heels – my high arch makes wearing flats a little challenging. But I was still excited by the idea of the sparkly, beaded slip-ons . . . an easy way to dress up a simple pair of jeans. I just got a pair of ankle-length, partially destroyed jeans and I think pairing them with some dainty flats is very Hepburn-ish (even though my thighs are not so Hepburnish).

But instead of investing in several pairs of shoes, a more economical AND eco-friendly approach is to invest in one or two well-made (or vintage!) pairs of plain flats (or you might already have some) and accessorize them with vintage shoe clips. has SO many pretty versions – from the most blingy, diamonette styles, to more simple versions that are more than appropriate for work.
Here are some that I like:

$9.99 - buy them here.

$15 - buy them here.

$25 - Buy them here.

$10 - buy them here.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Great Article! "Hip Nesters Haunt Flea Markets . . ."

From the Washington Post Express
By Betsy Lowther

"DIY DECORATING USED TO to be simpler: Pick a style (modern, shabby chic, country craft), acquire its key accoutrements (chrome accents, weathered finishes, "Little House on the Prairie" ginghams), repeat until complete. But now, savvy nesters no longer want to be defined by one design look. Instead, they're fusing high and low, old and new, classic and oddball, for an effect that's both chic and cheeky. The trick to this artsy, madcap aesthetic? A healthy collection of vintage pieces, repurposed in unexpected ways (think an old classroom map hung as artwork or laboratory beakers as flower vases). We tagged along with three local experts to learn the secrets of nabbing secondhand scores." Read more here.

And check out the great local Northern Virginia site: Three Potato Four - where you can find all kinds of quirky vintage and secondhand things for your decorating obsessions.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Wanting little white (hemp) sneakers . . .

I haven't paid much attention to J. Crew since college . . . their prices have gotten a bit outrageous for items made in sweaty factories in China. Plus, there were all those issues with J.Crew selling fur and the PETA protests that finally made them stop. Anyway, I haven't looked at a J. Crew catalog in more than a decade.

But this weekend, I was visiting my parents and my mom had one in the bathroom, and, well, I needed, ahem, reading material . . . long story short, I looked through the catalog and really liked how they styled the outfits in the catalog. I doubt that I will buy anything from them, but at least I was inspired. My favorite mini-inspiration were the little white sneakers like in the outfits below:

I love the relaxed, yet professional look - this is definitely something I could get away with at work. Of course, I have no interest in buying these little white sneakers from J. Crew. But, after a bit of searching, I found the cutest, eco-friendly pair from Simple. These are the "Satire" sneaks for women made from Organic Cotton and Hemp. (GAWD - I LOVE hemp!)

Look how cute! And only $55!!But there's more! The laces are made from recycled soda bottles! No animal byproducts or even regular animal products! The bottom of this shoe is made from a recycled car tire!

So many things to love love love! Thanks J. Crew for giving me some style ideas - thanks to Simple for making something that I actually want to buy!

Monday, August 10, 2009

ONE dress. EVERY day. For a YEAR.

I saw this on Rachel's blog (Project Beltway) a few weeks ago, but never followed the link - until today. I love this!

For The Uniform Project, Sheena Matheiken, an Indian-born New Yorker, is wearing the same black dress (actually 7 versions of the same dress) every day for an entire year "as an exercise in sustainable fashion" - showing all of us that we really don't need a closet full of clothes to look fashionable and express ourselves. Each day, she "reinvents the dress with layers, accessories and all kinds of accouterments" that are mostly vintage or secondhand (she loves Ebay!). You can send her your accessories to help her come up with outfits or donate money to the cause! The "cause" is not her hat and belt budget . . . The Uniform Project is a year-long fundraiser for the Akanksha Foundation, a grassroots movement that is revolutionizing education in India. At the end of the year, all contributions will go toward Akanksha’s School Project to fund uniforms and other educational expenses for children living in Indian slums.

Here are some of my favorite outfits so far:

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Local Green Living Classes in July (at Greater Goods, U St.)

Limit 10 per Class • Registration Required • More Info and Registration >>

Solar Panels: How, Why, and How Much? – Wednesday, July 8, 8pm to 9pm - FREE
Everything you ever wanted to know about installing solar panels in your home.

Outdoor Container Gardening – Wednesday, July 15th, 8pm to 9pm - FREE
Container gardening can turn unused real estate on your deck, balcony, rooftop, or windows into spots of robust vitality. Whether you want to grow your own food or simply add some color to your space, learn how to create a container garden to fit your needs! Hosted by

Late Season Planting – Thursday, July 16th, 8pm to 9pm - FREE
Are you a late bloomer? No worries, July is not too late to plant a vegetable garden or replant in spaces where you were growing spring and early summer vegetables. Join Sidra Forman as she goes over options and shares what she is doing for the second half of the growing season. We will also have free cookies and vegetable seed.

Composting Made Easy – Saturday, July 18th, 10am to 11am - FREE
Who knew composting in the city could be so easy? Learn how to compost with no smell, no fuss, and no muss! Hosted by

Organic Pest Control – Wednesday, July 22nd, 8pm to 9pm - FREE
Why use scary chemicals when there are so many terrific, safe organic pest control solutions?
You'll learn to identify basic garden pests, and learn to make your own natural pesticide, insecticide, insect repellent, organic pesticide and fungicide recipes. Repel everything from insects to rabbits, kill mold, fungus or mildew, and exterminate pests; all with natural or organic pesticides. Also learn to attract beneficial insects and wildlife to your garden.

10 Ways to Green Your Home – Thursday, July 23rd, 8pm to 9pm - FREE
Join Daniel, the owner of Greater Goods, for 10 easy ways to make your home more eco-friendly.

Lotions and Potions – Wednesday, July 29, 8pm to 9pm - $12
Back by popular demand! Kristina Libby, owner of the DC-based luxury bath and body company For the Love of..., will teach a class on how to make organic skin care products in your home. Bring a friend and make it a girls night! Class costs $12, half of which is a material fee and half of which goes to Susan G Komen Foundation. Prepay for the class here. >>

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why I bike.

  • two words: tighter ass.

  • I get to wear really tight pants and no one thinks its outrageous

  • zero carbon emissions (and better than nuclear)

  • biking to work gets the head going much faster than coffee

  • feels like flying . . . whheeeeeeeeeee!

  • I can scare tourist drivers by riding too close - watch out, you Lexus from Ohio! (please don't try this at home)

  • no more pesky fatty areas above my knees

  • absolutely, positively, the fastest way to get around DC

  • "hill therapy" to deal with anger issues and uncooperative boyfriends

  • no need to look for parking, have change for the bus, wait for a taxicab, or deal with the sweaty guy in the metro train (ick.)

  • safety first - harder to get mugged at 20 miles an hour.

  • I no longer fear you, extra bite of cheese cake!! Bwahahahahaha!

  • Critical Mass. Every 1st Friday. Dupont Circle. 6 PM.

Ride a bike today! : )

[PS - this is a re-post, but I wanted to share it with you again.]

Monday, July 20, 2009

$$$ From DC for Eco-friendly Landscaping

The DC Department of Environment (DDOE) has been working hard - with the limited budget it has - to develop programs that help DC residents help the DDOE deal with some of the environmental problems faced by the metro area. If we all changed some of our habits and made some changes to the way we live, it would make the DDOE's job much easier. A new program gives grants to DC residents to implement landscaping practices that reduce stormwater run off. The program is called RiverSmart Homes.

As you can imagine, an urban area, with its hard, non-absorbent surfaces (eco-lingo: "impervious surfaces") does not absorb much rain water. Where does this rain water go? Well, it goes into the DC sewer system and then out into our local rivers and streams. According to the DDOE website: "As stormwater moves from our yards to our streams it picks up pollutants such as oil and grease from our roadways and driveways, nutrients from fertilizers on our lawns, and bacteria from pet waste and other animal excrement. Once in the stream, the fast-moving surges of water associated with storms cause erosion and destroys habitat for fish and other wildlife."

In addition to this, the District also has a very outdated sewer system - a system called "combined sewer overflow" - where the same pipes carry rainwater off our streets AND carry the sewage (from our toilets, etc.). When there is too much rainwater coming in from the streets, everything gets combined and then, often, the "overflow" is emptied into local waterways (so, um, plastic tampon applicators, mixed with human excrement, mixed with plastic bottles. YUM.)

Picture from Wikipedia.

Also, in DC, certain neighborhoods are prone to flooding with this lovely mixture of human sewage and street junk. Gosh, this is not to mention how plastic bags & bottles and other solid debris from street litter clogs up the whole system. My oh my!

Which takes me back to the the program I mentioned before. RiverSmart Homes will give you money to make changes in your landscaping to capture rainwater and keep it from wreaking havoc in our outdated sewer system.

Let me say that again: THEY WILL GIVE YOU MONEY . . . for such things as:
So check out the site and sign up for an appt.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Eco-friendly wedding dresses for those of us who don't follow jam bands . . .

Even though I am a committed environmentalist, when I think about being married, I just don't really see myself in one of those shapeless hemp dresses that girls who follow jam bands would swoon over (sorry, but the eco-friendly** wedding dress industry has a far way to go - although it is getting better and better - look here - I really like the blue one half way down the page). [UPDATE: after further examination of the list of "eco-friendly" gowns linked in the previous sentence, I wanted to add a quick caveat: the list provides minimal explanation about what makes many of the gowns "eco". For example, there are many reasons why silk is NOT eco-friendly. So, please be cautious in assuming that a dress shown in the list is actually "green".]

That said, the whole wedding industry is ridiculous - and the jam-band girls get it. Repeat after me, "RIDICULOUS". So much money for so many things that are used ONCE and then thrown away or just stored. Like the invitations and the decorations and the flowers and the bridesmaids dresses and the shoes and, most of all, the wedding gown. Thousands of dollars - more than most people around the world make in one or several months - spent on one dress, worn for a few hours, then stored in the closet . . until when? [Be real, your daughter most likely will not want to wear your dress from two decades ago. Don't be dumb.]

But, those dresses . . . in the wedding magazines . . . well they are scrumptious. Expertly tailored columns of silk, satin, lace . . . dreamy . . .

So, what is a girl who might want a designer dress - but does not want to be an eco-idiot - to do?

I'm glad you asked. She goes to and searches for her fave designer: Vera Wang, Priscilla of Boston, Monique Lhuillier . . . and buys a once-worn, lovely confection of a dress (there are almost 3000 to choose from on the site), saves a bunch of money (which lets her book the organic caterer) and goes right back and resells it again. Now, that is eco-smart!


(**NOTE: Buying something used reduces the demand for new things to be made - and therefore saves valuable resources from being consumed. Buying something new - even if it is made from eco-friendly materials, still uses more resources than buying something used. The more owners something has throughout its life, the more efficiently we have used the resources that went into making it. )

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Too Pretty to Buy Just One!! - Broadstreet Jewelry

GRRRR - I have spent the last 40 minutes clicking back and forth through pictures of about 30 jewelry pieces - all totally lovely and super eco-friendly. I CAN NOT DECIDE!!!

I usually don't like to write about products or designers that I don't have personal experience with . . . you should see how many requests I get every day to feature new "green" stuff! It is hard to say "no" to a little company with a good mission that's trying to make it in this world of cheap, disposable crap. So, if I really like a product, and have never gotten anything from the company before, I will usually order something . . . Just to give me a sense if the items are made well, etc. - and, you know, to keep the green fashion industry going and all.

Anyway, this takes us back to my horrible indecision about Sara Bradstreet's swoon-worthy jewelry. Most of her creations are necklaces. I'm sure you've noticed the emergence of big, chunky jewelry on the fashion radar over the past few seasons . . . You know, those $5000 necklaces, that look like they were made from your great aunt Mildred's collection of costume and semi-precious jewelry? Yeah, well, they weren't. They just look like it. They were probably made in China, by underpaid young women and then shipped to the US (all those carbon emissions! ugh.) Such immense fakery.

WELL!! If you are in the market for an eco-friendly chunky necklace, look no further. Sara constructs her pieces from all vintage components, using wire. "Salvaged vintage findings deconstructed and assembled into one of a kind" necklaces, bracelets, earrings. She expertly layers completely different design elements in an organically harmonious way. A picture of a German Shepard and a big white bow? Sure! A rhinestoned vidalia onion, pearls and a sunflower? Made for each other!

This is what Sara says about her designs: "I am inspired by jewelry that has the potential to play into a larger piece, a collage of reminders from different decades. The brashness of an 80s gold chain might be softened with an overlay of enameled flowers from the 1950s; crystal brooches from a grandmother’s trinket box are emboldened by the addition of gold geometrics and a deliberately chunky clasp. These ecclectic combinations both pay homage to the past and transcend its aesthetic boundaries. They provoke conversation, showcase unique style, tell their own stories. They complement a woman’s many facets and her individual kind of beauty."

In any case, I am in LOVE with most of her pieces and must now continue deciding on which one to get. But I had to share her designs with you since I am positive you will LOVE them, too! Below are my top-contenders (find them for yourself in the Broadstreet Etsy shop):

(It's the Kremlin, yo! This one may win out for the whole "proud of my heritage" reason.)

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