Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Goodwill Vintage Trunk Show - Be There or Be Stupid.

Okay. Seriously.

Last time I attended this event, hosted by the very fashionable Em Hall, writer extraordinaire of the DC Goodwill Fashion Blog, I came away with a big, silly bag o'stuff. Actually, I had not planned on buying anything (was still unemployed, y'all), and had not brought any of my Chico bags or Envirosax (and refused to take a plastic bag from Em - although the Goodwill bags are biodegradable plastic I later found out). So. There I was, taking the metro home, with all my goodies stuffed into my (fairly small) shoulder bag, literally falling out all over the metro train's floor.

Ha! I will never make that mistake again.

But, fear not. You can get plenty of your own Envirosax at the store that is hosting this month's event, Greater Goods, 1626 U Street, NW.

Back to the goodies. Ms. Em has an impeccable eye for vintage pieces that translate easily into a modern girl's (and guy's . . . Mark scored a vintage YSL velvet blazer at the last show), wardrobe. And the best part? Everything is incredibly affordable - like, as affordable as shopping at one of your local Goodwill stores. Of course, Em saves you the effort of combing through racks and racks of clothes. (Sure, that can be fun. But, you are a busy bee. So sometimes its nice to have someone else hook you up. Think of it as having your own Goodwill personal shopper). And the second best part (actually, I think this one may be the BEST part, after all) is that the money you spend at Goodwill (and the trunk show!) goes to help provide job training and assistance to people with disadvantages and disabilities!!

That's not all folks! Ms. Em kindly shared a few images of what you will see on January 17th from noon until 3PM.

Perhaps you need a dress for an inauguration event?

And a clutch to go with it?

And a cute cardi to wear on top - since you KNOW it will be chilly?

Right. Like I said.

There is you at the trunk show. Or there is stupid. I think the choice is clear.

(Honestly, I am not even sure why I am telling you this. Do you really deserve this priceless information? What have you done for me lately?)
More info HERE.


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