Sunday, February 22, 2009

Conserve Water! Stop Washing Your Hair!

I really hate washing my hair - especially in the winter (well, actually, year round . . . I am a bit of a dirty hippie at heart). The chlorine-heavy DC water dries out my hair and my skin. And although my kinda alt-punky hair looks much better after a few days of natural oil build-up, there are just times that washing is necessary. However, I just found out about this little powder that will let you go that extra day or two without having to engage in water usage and skin dryage . . . and is more environmental since it helps you conserve water! (My hair washing showers are always SO much longer than regular ones . . . you have to shampoo, then condition . . .)

And, although I have heard of hair powders before (and my bff Jenn used to use baby powder on her light blond hair in high school), I have never seen one that is organic. Yes, organic. It is a bit pricey for $40, but, seriously, this bottle will last you a year, if not more (unless you are a bit filthy, like me)! What a small investment for envy-worthy locks and significant water savings.

More on the powder from "Lulu originally created the recipe as a gift for her best friend when she realized that the talcum powder they had been dousing their hair with could be potentially carcinogenic. She read up on beauty product ingredients, and used her fashion publishing connections to set up meetings with beauty companies and eventually came up with a fragrant combination of natural and organic ingredients. The talc-free powder is made with white clay, baking soda, USDA Organic corn starch and rice powder, and Oregon Tilth Certified Organic horsetail powder and essential oils. Available in four distinctive scents Lavender/ Clary Sage, Patchouli/ Amber, Jasmine and Tuberrose each 4.5oz container is $40."

You can order it from the following on-line retailers:

Lulu Organics
Bona Drag - [Love this little, tightly edited online store.]


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