Monday, February 23, 2009

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Yes, I finally broke down and am now micro-blogging on Twitter.

Some recent posts:

Heavily procrastinating by trolling for vintage lingerie on Ebay . . . oh, e-commerce, you will be the death of me! from web

Every year I think I should go watch the show somewhere. And every year I am glad that I didn't because everyone is so bored silly with it. from web

will someone please tell SJP that parting her hair in the middle is hideous. Just. Plain. Ugly. What do they pay those stylists for? from web

WHAT the hell is Beyonce wearing? One of her mom's creations? ugh. from web

So maybe its more like a pink lavender? Still heart it! from web

Love Nat Portman's fuschia dress. So sleek. from web

Um, just checked in on the oscar fashions on Yahoo and . . . where in hell did Miley get that belt? So weird. It looks ridiculous! from web

Just ordered Lulu's Organic Hair Powder from Bona Drag. Yeay for conserving water by not washing hair. (I'm such a dirty hippie!) from web

Didn't make it to Listopad pop-up shop yesterday, but fell IN LOVE with HEMP FAUX FUR hoodie vest at Captitol Hemp. from web

Heading over to Mercedes Bien in Adams Morgan to check out Listopad's latest vintage finds. Hoping the black vintage corset is still there. from web

Maria thinks that life is too complicated to not be totally open with the people in your life (and others!) from web

Maria is fighting off a cold. Back, cold, back! from web

Head like a crazy merry-go-round-slash-ferris wheel kept me up ALL NIGHT LONG. No cotton candy, either. from web

Is still so excited/distracted by things that she shouldn't really talk about on Twitter. Shhh - life is great fun, if you let it be. from web

I try to wear something vintage/secondhand every day. Today's item is a pair of secondhand Nine West Heels I bought for $5. from web

I'm never really sure what color tights to wear with a navy suit and brown heels. Def. not the black ones I threw in my bag this morning. from web

still having a weird hair day. ugh. from web

I'm wearing black and white AGAIN today. Both tops were/are white vintage blouses. Thank you, Goodwill! from web

Having a weird hair day . . . : ( from web

Blah - not liking that I can't bike to work. from web


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