Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Etsy Love - Vintage Handbags

I was just browsing Etsy this morning and came across a slew of lovely vintage handbags. (I swear, the vintage stuff on the site keeps getting better and better . . .)

If you search for "clutch" under "Vintage", you'll find all of these lovely totables and more! All of them were less than $75, most under $50, some under $30.

This is huge! I love it!

Lavendar and snakeskin? Perfectly in line with Spring trends.
Fun, sequiny bag for evening excursions - plus a handy lipstick mirror!

Faux eel to go with all the light grays that are in the stores now.

Yeay! Orange!

Vintage Feather bag - you can't see clearly, but there is a little peacock feather right above the clasp. The site has more pictures here. This is absolutely a gorgeous bag. (And only $56!)

Classic and streamlined for all your fancy events.

Lovely round vintage snakeskin bag. More pics here. ($60)

LOVE this one! Add a chain and take it everywhere. Perfect with a white tshirt and jeans. ($54!)


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