Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Greening the Grechen!

We've LOOOVED Grechen's Closet for a long time - such a great resource for finding new designers and great deals. So, we were super excited to see GreenGrechen as a contact on Twitter. Could it be the same Grechen we have checked in with for so long?

Indeed it was! For the last 11 months, Grechen has been doing her thang with the best of the best green fashion that the internets has to offer.

We love her little manifesto, published last year on Earth Day where she talks about all the things close to our little hearts: price per wear, waste, thinking about our consumption, not buying frivolously, and her "personal fashion mission" to buy only what she needs, and focus on quality & longevity rather than price . . . oh hell, just read the whole thing here.

Go Grechen Go!


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