Thursday, March 26, 2009

Paper, Plastic, or Flax-Viscous Non Woven Fabric?

You do your part to offset the number of plastic bags you consume (Trader Joe’s tote, anyone?)

Shouldn’t your retailers do the same? Now they can thanks to 60BAG. The company, based in Poland, is offering businesses shopping bags that decompose approximately 60 days after being discarded.

The bags are made out of flax fiber, which is extracted from the stem of flax plants and makes for a durable, biodegradable material. And 60BAG sources its flax fibers from post-industrial waste meaning no new flax plants are harmed in the making of the bags.

60BAGs come in a number of shapes and sizes, including a convenient sling you can wear over your shoulder, a cube shaped sack similar to a canvas tote, and a sleek oval carrier that you can hold comfortably in your hand.

Companies who chose to carry the bags can even customize the bags with their unique logos or the poppy pink 60BAG label.

If you’re a retailer and you’d like to learn more about 60BAGs, including how much it costs to integrate them into your business, contact someone through their website at And if you’re a concerned shopper, make sure your favorite retailers are aware of their options!


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